Latex Catsuit Jumpsuits and Rompers for Women

When choosing a latex catsuit or latex bodysuit for the first time, you might feel confused about how to select the right one and how to wear a latex catsuit for the first time. There's an art to slipping into a black rubber, latex catsuit.

How do you choose your first bodysuit?

Decide on a color for the bodysuit. If you were influenced at all by the Matrix movies or Catwoman, you'll want to order a black, high-gloss catsuit. There are other colors for cosplay or to wear to the club like red, which is a sexy color for a catsuit too.

How do you pick the right size latex catsuit?

A latex bodysuit should be skintight. A snug latex bodysuit without wrinkles or bagging is vital, so measure your body and look at the size chart before choosing your latex catsuit. The catsuit should be 2 to 4 inches smaller than the measurements. A catsuit is made of latex, so it will stretch.

How do you get into a bodysuit?
  • Add lubrication: It's hard to slip into a tight, rubber bodysuit because it sticks to the skin. You'll need to add lubrication to your body to slide the bodysuit smoothly over your skin as well as to the interior of the latex itself. Baby powder works well and helps to avoid sweat and chafing while wearing it.
  • Avoid yanking: You don't want to yank the bodysuit onto your body. It's a strong material, but it's not indestructible. Be careful not to poke holes in the outfit with your fingernails or jewelry.
  • Start at the bottom: It takes time to pull on your new latex catsuit. Give yourself plenty of time to pull the catsuit on from the legs to the thighs and upward. Add more lubrication to the latex as needed.
How will the latex bodysuit react to the environment?

When you're wearing the latex catsuit, you may feel the heat from the room. If you're out in the cool air, you'll feel that coolness too. You will probably want an overcoat when outdoors in cool weather.

Is it easy to remove the latex bodysuit?

The suit can be easier to remove because you've likely been sweating because of the heat of the latex. Again, powder can help prevent it from getting sticky. Don't roll it down your body, but try to slip the latex from the skin by lifting and pushing the bodysuit down. Take care not to rip the suit in places where it might be stuck.

What steps are needed to care for your latex bodysuit?

Caring for the latex catsuit involves proper maintenance after it's been removed. Use dish soap on the bodysuit to remove oils and the lubricant that might still remain in the suit.