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Lenco Controls and Steering

Lenco controls and steering products are designed for boats that lack proper performance features. The hardware that is used to engineer these accessories allows boaters to cruise through water faster. Most units can be installed on a traditional vessel, sports boat, or yacht.

What are the design specs for general actuator products?

On a typical actuator unit, there is a convenient indicator light that illuminates it. An LED component is found on accessories that are engineered for an actuator system.

Double rocker actuator products are specifically designed for boats that operate sluggishly. These units can help a vessel travel throughout rough water quickly without decreasing safety or stability. Because a double rocker unit is compact, you can easily mount it along the edge of a plane.

Extreme duty options can enhance performance in boating locations that have harsh weather and intense environmental hazards. The hardware is engineered with component pieces, which is why extreme duty actuator products are typically placed on sporty boats throughout long races.

Electric trim actuator switches have buttons that help boaters manage different functions on the water. A traditional housing has two buttons for a bow that manage up and down procedures. When night arrives, the process of pinpointing the labels on the buttons is not a hassle as the graphics illuminate in the dark. An electric trim switch by Lenco is designed for dim environments because it has sensors that can detect ambient light. After the hardware senses this light, the technology strategically adjusts the indicator.

What is included with a Lenco kit?

A general Lenco kit includes the main actuator components that produce 12 volts of electricity. Leads are also included in a kit, and these pieces are designed with connectors. Lenco also designs extension harnesses, which are featured in a kit as well. Other Lenco accessory options include a controller, a switch, and brackets.

What are the main actuator housing materials?

Traditional and sporty products are designed with a stainless-steel housing. This housing has a special coating that prevents rusting in harsh environments. Units that are engineered for high performance racing situations also have a stainless steel housing. However, the housing has an electropolished gauge.

The wiring that is used with Lenco products is made from a dense material. Because the wiring housing is thick, it effectively shields the device from water, ice, and other environmental hazards.

Both buttons for bow functions are made from a solid piece of plastic. These buttons operate smoothly and effectively because they are mounted on a durable frame that is constructed with a dense plastic material.

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