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LifeStyles Condoms and Contraceptives

When you're ready for a night of pleasure but not for a child, condoms are an option for avoiding pregnancy. They feature a high success rate, are easy to use, and provide protection against some sexually transmitted diseases. LifeStyles offers a variety of condoms and contraceptives, including lubricated, ultra-sensitive, studded, and latex-free with or without spermicide.

What kinds of condoms does LifeStyles produce?

LifeStyles produces a variety of condoms in both single-item and multi-item packages, as well as a range of lubricants, enhancers, and vibrators. Styles of condoms include:

  • Skyn: This extra-thin line of condoms feels almost nonexistent, creating a natural experience.
  • Ribbed, studded, and snakeskin: These condoms feature textures for enhanced sensation.
  • Ultra-sensitive: A flared shape for enhanced sensitivity and extra lubrication provides a pleasurable experience for both partners.
  • Luscious flavors: Flavors of these condoms include strawberry, luscious vanilla, and tropical banana.
  • EverLast: This condom features a climax-control lubricant meant to delay and intensify sensations
What are premium LifeStyles condoms made of?

The majority of LifeStyles condoms, from ultra-sensitive to regular thickness, are made from nearly 100% rubber latex. For those with latex sensitivity, there is a separate line of condoms made from L-Arginine. These condoms can help your blood vessels relax and promote your blood flow, allowing for stronger performance. If you’re vegetarian or vegan, you might want to know that LifeStyles condoms are free of animal components.

What is the shelf life of contraceptives by LifeStyles?

The shelf life of LifeStyles condoms is approximately three to five years. Always check the expiration date listed on the box as expired condoms can tear or break easily. When storing your condoms, it is recommended you keep them in a cool, dry location to preserve them.

Do LifeStyles contraceptives work in a hot tub?

LifeStyles condoms and other products are safe for use in hot tubs, showers, and swimming pools. However, chlorine, bubble baths, and other bath products can diminish condom effectiveness. Be sure to apply the condom prior to submerging in water for maximum effectiveness.

Do LifeStyles condoms contain spermicide?

Select LifeStyles condoms contain premium Nonoxynol-9 spermicide. These condoms are clearly labeled if they contain this ingredient. Nonoxynol-9 reduces the risk of pregnancy in case of semen spillage or leakage by decreasing the number of active sperm. Spermicidal condoms are available in the majority of LifeStyles condom lines from ultra-sensitive to textured styles. Be sure to read your LifeStyles box carefully to ensure spermicide is included.

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