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Lighting and Lamps Parts for Chevrolet Tahoe

Road grit and weather can cause a lot of damage to the lights on your Chevy Tahoe, and keeping your lights functioning properly is just as important as making sure your motors are upkept. Driving around with hazy headlamps and taillights is unsafe. Fortunately, you can find replacement parts.

What types of lights are available for the Chevy Tahoe?

You may need to replace worn or damaged lights or upgrade your Tahoe. In any case, you can find a wide assortment of lights for your Chevy Tahoe. From Xenon headlamps to LED tail lights, there is no shortage of parts to choose from. Some of the types of lights available include the following:

  • Headlights: These beams allow you to drive safely in the dark by illuminating the road ahead.
  • Tail lights: Bright lights in the back of your vehicle alert the drivers trailing you to slow down or stop.
  • Corner lights: With amber lights flickering from the sides, drivers approaching from the east and west can spot your vehicle. These side markers also double as turn signals.
  • Fog lamps: When the air is murky, you will need operable fog lights to increase visibility.
What is the difference between factory lights and custom styles?

When you need to replace broken or damaged lights, factory options are a solid choice. However, if you want to set your Tahoe apart from the other cars on the road, you might want to opt for custom assemblies. With the factory options, youre guaranteed an exact match to the original in terms of function, quality, and style.

Whats the difference between xenon, halogen, and LED lights?

Each type of bulb uses different technology to processes light. Xenons (HIDs or high-intensity discharge) lights operate via gas and electrodes. LEDs (light emitting diodes) create light via of diodes and electrons. Halogen lamps have a tungsten and gas filament inside.

  • LEDs - These are smaller, consume less energy, and last longer than halogen and xenon bulbs.
  • Xenons - These produce a brighter light than LEDs and halogen lamps, helping to improve visibility.
  • Halogen lamps - These come standard on most cars, making them easier to install.
Do headlights and tail lights have to come in pairs?

Although most headlights and tail lights come in pairs, you can purchase them individually. You might notice a difference in lights if you choose not to purchase and replace them in pairs, though. Chances are if one lamp malfunctions, you will need to switch the other one soon. Purchase a set, and you will have an extra light on hand when needed.