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Lighting and Lamps for Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Grand Cherokee is an SUV manufactured by Jeep. Because Jeeps are often driven over rugged, inhospitable terrain, everything about them from the inside out needs to be built to take a fierce amount of punishment; this includes the headlight assemblies and other lighting fixtures which, although only operated under low-visibility conditions, remain attached to the vehicle 24/7. The lighting fixtures need to be as robust as every other component on the truck while delivering high-quality illumination when and where you need it.

Does Spyder sell fog lights for the Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Spyder sells fog lights for the 2011 through 2014 models of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Manufactured by a number of different ISO-certified and OEM-approved manufacturers, they are designed, engineered, and crafted to be direct replacements for stock lights. Sold in pairs, Spyder factory-style projector fog lights come with clear H3 bulbs. Spyder also sells factory-style projector headlights.

What are halogen headlights?

Halogens are a group of gases and include fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine, and astatine. Consisting of a glass bowl, tungsten filament, and gas, halogen lights give off copious amounts of illumination and heat when a current is passed through the filament. Their chief benefit is that they extend the life of the tungsten filament. Economical to purchase and easy to replace, they offer limited energy efficiency, and they dont last as long as LED lights. Anzo is an example of a purveyor of halogen lights.

What are angel eye headlights?

Angel eye headlights are front lighting units that contain luminous rings inside the headlight assembly. Also referred to as halos or corona rings, angel eyes add a decorative flair to your Jeep Grand Cherokee after dark. The environmentally friendly, low-temperature LED ring is a direct bolt-in replacement for factory-style headlights.

What metals are headlight assemblies made from?

Metal headlights are often constructed from A360 or 6061 aluminum. The differences between the types of aluminum are explained below.

  • A360 is an aluminum alloy with a high silicon content in addition to copper, magnesium, iron, tin, nickel, zinc, and manganese. It is strong and resistant to corrosion. Rigid Industries cube lights are often made from A360 High Purity Cast Aluminum.
  • 6061 aluminum is a precipitation-hardened aluminum alloy containing zinc and magnesium as its main alloy elements. Precipitation hardening is a type of heat treatment used to increase the yield strength of a metal alloy. The technique is also known as age-hardening or particle-hardening. An example of an automotive light housing that uses 6061 aluminum is the Vision X Amber halo LED fog lamp.