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Lighting and Lamps for the Toyota Tundra

If your Toyota Tundra isnt shining as brightly as it used to, you might need to invest in some new lighting parts and lamps for your CrewMax or Double Cab truck. Whichever style of lamp you need, you can search for tail lights, headlights, and other types of lighting equipment on eBay Motors. Check out these answers to common customer questions to find the right lighting and lamps for Toyota Tundra vehicles.

What types of Toyota Tundra lights are there?

Here are a few examples of the types of lights that are offered for your Toyota Tundra:

  • Headlights: While headlights traditionally used metal halide bulbs, super-bright LEDs are becoming more and more common.
  • Taillights: You can replace your entire taillight housings, or you can just replace the bulbs as needed.
  • Fog lights: These optional lights are installed below your Tundras headlights, and they provide extra illumination in potentially hazardous situations.
  • Corner lights: These lights go next to your trucks headlights, and they contain the front turn signals.
  • Interior lights: A variety of different interior lights are stationed throughout the cab of your Tundra, and you can replace them with energy-efficient LEDs if you want to.
  • Light bars: These types of lights attach to the roof of your Tundra, and they usually contain LEDs. They create huge, bright swaths of illumination, and they are commonly used in off-road situations to pick out potholes or other obstacles.
  • Side marker lights: These lights are deployed at various locations around the body of your Tundra. When you turn your headlights on, these lights illuminate as well, and they help other drivers and pedestrians be aware of your cars position.
Can you replace the lights in your instrument panel?

If the instrument panel lights in your Toyota Tundra Double Cab or your Toyota Tundra CrewMax stop working, you can replace them with conventional incandescent bulbs or LEDs. To remove the old bulbs and install replacements, youll need to remove the instrument panel. You should consult a repair manual for your Toyota Tundras year and sub-model, such as the SR5, if youre not sure how to complete this task.

How do you find the right lights for your Tundra?

Its almost always possible to find lights that work with your Toyota Tundra CrewMax or Double Cab by referencing your trucks year of manufacture. If you know which year your Toyota Tundra was made, you can simply check product listings to determine if theyre compatible with that year. As you search through the available parts, keep in mind that some components may only be compatible with sub-models of the Tundra and may not be compatible with your particular model. Once youve figured out which parts work with your vehicle, youll just need to choose between the aesthetic and functional options that are offered.

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