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London Fog Coats and Jackets for Women

The London Fog brand has been making coats for the United States Navy since World War II. The London Fog collection of women's coats and jackets includes various styles, such as peacoats, puffer jackets, and trench coats. There is a large range of both colors and sizes for each style, from petite to 2XL.

What types of outerwear does London Fog make for women?

Your outerwear needs may vary based on the climate you live in. London Fog offers women several different varieties of jackets. Some of these include trench coats, raincoats, lightweight jackets, wool coats, down coats, and parkas. Materials to choose from include polyester, suede leather, wool, and more.

How do you find the right size for a coat?

Your coat should hang straight down. This means you need a good fit from the shoulders down. Also, check that there is enough room in the armholes. They should not be too broad or too tight. Seams, pleats, closures, and pockets should lie flat and the hem should be even. In the case of long-sleeved, full-arm coats, your wrists should be completely covered. To ensure the fit is snug, try to close the coat all the way and check for any pulling.

What should you look for in a London Fog coat?

You will want to consider all of a London Fog jacket's features prior to making a decision. Ideally, these factors should include:

  • Material: The material a jacket is made from will determine if it wicks away sweat, how warm it will keep you, and how comfortable it will be.
  • Closures: You will need to decide if you want a jacket that closes with buttons, snaps, zippers, or a tie. London Fog also provides combination closures.
  • Color: Consider what colors are in your existing wardrobe. Are you in search of a neutral black, brown, or white-colored coat, or do you need a brighter or bolder color?
  • Weather: Do you need this jacket mostly for rain or will you be dealing with a lot of snowfall? Certain jackets are more suited to some climates than others.
  • Style: London Fog jackets come in many styles, such as a trench coat, parka, double-breasted trench coat, single-breasted, quilted, belted, long, or hooded.
What other style options are there?

Other choices in the London Fog women's collection are detachable hoods, scarf accessories, and faux fur collars. Some styles, such as trench coats, generally come with a matching belt. Jackets and coats come in both solid colors and patterns such as flannel. Raincoats can come in shorter styles that end around the waist, or long styles that go past the knee.

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