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Maidenform Womens Bras and Bra Sets

Maidenform bras and bra sets are basic types of lingerie for women. These bras coordinate with Maidenform panties to provide a matching set. Maidenform bras come in a full range of cup sizes and band sizes for comfort.

What are the styles of Maidenform bras?
  • Push-up bra: A push-up bra brings the cleavage up and together for aesthetic appeal and a flattering look with low-cut clothes. This type of Maidenform bra usually has an underwire.
  • T-shirt bra: A Maidenform T-shirt bra has a microfiber or polyester finish that gives a smooth appearance under a T-shirt or fitted top.
  • Racerback: A racerback bra by Maidenform closes in the front between the cups with a plastic closure. It has a smooth back, and it has higher and wider straps than a T-shirt bra. This bra may or may not have an underwire.
  • Bandeau or convertible bra: A bandeau bra or Maidenform convertible bra has straps that can be removed. This type of shapewear is worn under a strapless dress or top.
What are the cup options for Maidenform bras?
  • Padded: A padded cup increases the size of the bosom. The size of the padding can sometimes be adjusted, or the padding can be removed from the Maidenform shapewear.
  • Unlined: An unlined bra cup is made of one layer of material.
  • Lace: Embellishments such as lace on the cups enhance the look of the Maidenform bra. The lace may be on top of another layer of fabric for full coverage.
  • Coverage: Demi allows the top of the breasts to be uncovered. Full coverage and extra coverage cover the breast and the skin almost to the armpit.
  • Underwire: Maidenform underwire bras use a thin, stainless-steel wire to provide support so they can function as a lift bra.
How do you choose Maidenform cup sizes for T-shirt bras?

It is important to choose a size of bra that fits you well and feels comfortable. The cup is the part of the Maidenform bra that holds the breast. If the cup has too tight of a fit, you may be uncomfortable. If the fit of the Maidenform T-shirt bras is too loose, the cups may ripple, causing an uneven appearance on your T-shirt, blouse, or dress.

To get the right fit, measure around your chest at the fullest part of your bosom. Then, measure around your chest under your bosom. Round to the next inch up if you get a fraction of an inch. Subtract the second number from the first number. Each inch of difference means that you need to go up a size to get a proper fit. A 1-inch difference is an A cup bra, and a 2-inch difference is a B cup. This will help you to choose the right Maidenform size.

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