Choosing a Replacement Hard Drive for My Computer?

When you find that you have reached the limit of storage that your current hard disk drive enables you to have, you can take this drive out and replace it with a new one. A 250 GB internal hard drive from Maxtor will give you a lot more storage space.

Are All Hard Drives the Same?

There are two different data connections that hard drives, so you need to determine which one you need before choosing.

  • IDE: IDE data connections appear in older computers, so if yours is four or five years old, it most likely has this. An IDE uses numerous pins to connect to the computer.
  • SATA: SATA data connections are in newer model computers and are identifiable due to the pin-less L-shaped connector. 
  • Sizing: You can find two different hard drive sizes. The smaller 2.5-inch model is for laptops and compact desktop computers, while the larger 3.5-inch version is for desktop computers. 

Can I Transfer Data and Replace the Internal Hard Drive Myself?

If you want to transfer data from a smaller drive to your 250 GB Maxtor drive, it certainly is possible. You can also replace the drive yourself as it is one of the easiest hardware installation procedures.

  • Transferring data: If you have a computer with more than one hard drive bay, then this part of the process becomes much easier. You can install the second hard drive and then use a freeware tool to clone an image of your existing drive. When this process finishes, you can remove the old drive, or you can use it as a second drive by reformatting it. If you only have a single drive bay, then things get a little more complicated. You will need to still clone the existing drive, but you can only do this by using an external hard drive dock or connecting your new drive to the computer with a cable. 
  • Replacing hard drive: To replace the drive, you'll need to open up the tower case by unscrewing the screws and remove the side that doesn't have the motherboard on it. Take out the internal hard drive and make sure you have the right replacement by checking the data connections. You will need to slide the new drive into the machine, taking care not to damage any other cables or parts while doing so, and secure with the screws that came with the drive. Replace the side and then turn on the machine to check that it works. Before carrying out this procedure, find a complete set of instructions for your type of machine to ensure that you do everything correctly. 

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