Men's Cubic Zirconia Cadenas, Collares y Colgantes

Men's Cubic Zirconia Chains, Necklaces, and Pendants

Men's fashion, jewelry specifically, can be a difficult area to navigate. There can be a fine line between something that looks feminine, and a necklace that we see as masculine. Still, necklaces that appeal to both men and women and are unisex exist and are relatively popular. While gold and stainless steel chains are popular amongst the larger population, women's jewelry tends to be much more dainty. Costume jewelry, popular with some women, can be very large. It is in this area between costume jewelry and dainty women's chains where men's chains exist.

What Exactly are Cubic Zirconias?

Cubic zirconias look so much like diamonds that sometimes it is nearly impossible to tell the difference. Also known as CZs, cubic zirconias are man-made stones from zirconia dioxide. Because of their low manufacturing cost, people do not consider them as valuable as a diamond. Originally, people rated diamonds as more valuable than others of its kind when there were fewer faults. For example, when the stone was clear and the diamond reflected light better. However, now that cubic zirconias surpass diamonds in being clearer, with few faults, diamonds are more commonly valued because they are more expensive. People still view diamonds as rarer, and thus continue to seek them. Manufacturers keep a tight control of the market so their value remains high.

How Do I Keep My CZ Necklace Looking Like Diamonds?

  • A passerby on the street would not know that your stone is not a real diamond, unless the amounts of cubic zirconias on the necklace were overwhelming and unrealistic for an average person, or even a wealthy person, to wear. If you would like people to assume your necklace has diamonds, keep the amount of karats it would signify in mind.
  • The metals should also be of high quality and not tarnished. Diamonds are likely to occur on silver and gold colored metals, like platinum, white gold, and yellow gold. Sterling silver is a good budget option for cubic zirconia chains.

What Makes a Man's Necklace Different from a Woman's?

Like men's fashion, men's jewelry remains pretty tame.

  • Most men do not wear large, costume jewelry pieces with rows of faux stones. In general, most men's jewelry is fairly tame.
  • Men wear necklaces and chains that have a larger gauge than women's, which can be dainty in comparison. At the same time, men's necklaces can be more minimal than women's because they are less ornamental.
  • It is not often that a woman wears a chain alone, while this is very common for men.
  • Likewise, women's pendants have a wide range of subjects from religion to personal, or even simply aesthetic. Women wear lockets with their significant others' photos inside and jewels in the shape of flowers. Men, on the other hand wear pendants less often, and when they do, it's often to signify religion. The start of David for Jews, and the cross for Christians are very popular for devout men. Pendants like vials containing scrolls and beads, are other examples of men's pendant necklaces.