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Key Information to Know When Selecting a Motorola Android Smartphone

Android smartphones are customizable devices with generous storage capacities and large screen resolutions. Motorola offers Android devices with many hardware options and features, so consider the following before making your selection.

What Motorola Android smartphones are available?

There are several options available across several networks, models, colors, features, and storage capacity. You can also choose an unlocked phone for pre-paid service. Choose from Motorola models like the Moto, G, E, Turbo 2, Moto Z, Moto Z Play, Nexus 6, Moto G4, and Droid Turbo. There are several colors for your device including black, blue, gold, gray, red, rose gold, silver, and white. There are devices that are 3G data capable, 4G data capable, and Bluetooth-enabled with features such as GPS, music players, speakerphones, touchscreens, and Wi-Fi connectivity. Motorola phones also come with a range of storage capacity options like 256GB, 128GB, 64GB, 32GB, 16GB, and 8GB.

What are the features of an Android phone from Motorola?
  • Customizable: These devices are highly customizable, so you're able to set up the phone in the manner that works best for you.
  • 3.5mm headphone jacks: 3.5mm audio jacks allow you to listen to audio using a pair of standard headphones.
  • Wide range of hardware: Android is open source, meaning there is a community of developers creating hardware and software for it and several companies building these devices. As a result, there is a vast array of hardware options available, such as LCD displays, cameras, and processors.
  • Fast charging: New models of these devices use a USB Type-C port for quick battery charging, which means they are compatible with a wide selection of chargers and docking stations.
  • Rugged phones: Many of these devices are made to be durable, with screens and handsets resistant to shock from being dropped from up to four feet.
  • Multiwindow support: Multitasking is possible on a device that uses either the Nougat or Oreo operating system. These offer built-in multiwindow mode, so you can reply to a coworker's email while combing a website for the answer you're trying to provide him or her.
  • Back button: These devices have a back button that gives you a convenient way to navigate across apps and browsers.
How do you choose a Motorola smartphone?
  • Know your budget: Remember you have two costs to consider: the phone itself and the service or plan to go with it. Knowing your budget before you shop will simplify the selection process.
  • Uses: Consider what you'll use the device for. Do you take a lot of photos? Watch a lot of videos? Do you use a lot of apps? Knowing in advance what you'll primarily use the device for will help you make choices on storage, operating system, camera, peripherals, and more.
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