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Motorola Prepaid Smartphones

Unpacking All the Features and Benefits of Motorola Smartphones

Smartphones offer a range of features and benefits to manage your personal and business affairs. The Motorola Moto is compatible with all of the top service providers, offering you the option of choosing the best service for you. The following questions address key concepts and perks worth considering when choosing your next Moto or Droid.

Which service providers are compatible with Motorola?

Motorola smartphones utilize an Android platform, or operating system (OS). This means you download apps and digital products from Google Play. Access to content from Google Play depends on your OS, not your service provider. As a result, you can choose almost any service provider you want. Luckily, the list of service providers compatible with Motorola expands each year. The list varies seasonally. Some recent examples include Boost, Cricket, Straight Talk, TracFone, Verizon, Net10, T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile, U.S. Cellular, MetroPCS, AT&T, Sprint, E-Plus, and Telcel America. Prepaid services are available.

3G and 4G refer to third-generation and fourth-generation. The generations denote mobile networks and, specifically, their corresponding internet speeds. However, one generation is not necessarily faster than the other. They simply correspond to different points on the timeline of mobile network evolution. With ongoing evolution, 3G networks now offer internet speeds comparable to 4G. Motorola phones are available with 3G and 4G data capabilities.

Can you enable the Moto touchscreen to disable automatically?

The feature you are referring to is the proximity sensor, and it is fairly common on most phones. It is an automatically enabled feature inside the phone that senses your cheek or ear when you receive a phone call. This disables the touchscreen so that your cheek does not inadvertently hit any buttons or accidentally disconnect an active, open phone call. Standard and uncommon features come and go every year. Some of them are cameras, air gesture, accelerometer, wireless charging, water resistant, voice-activated dialing, push to talk, media player, GPS, global ready, speakerphone, TTY compatibility, fingerprint sensor (for security), geotagging, and 4K video recording.

How do you choose the right storage capacity?

It depends on what you use your phone for. If you use it as a major supplement to your work-related hardware, such as your tablet and laptop, then you might want a higher storage capacity. Typically, 4 to 8 gigabytes (GB) is sufficient to save all of your essentials. Bear in mind that system data and apps occupy some of your phones storage capacity. If you like apps and media, you may want to shoot for 8GB and up. You also have the option of purchasing a phone with low storage capacity and supplementing it with a USB stick or memory card.

What sizes is the Motorola available in?For screen sizes, Motorola models fall into ranges from under 3.9 to 5.9 inches. These numbers refer to lengths measured diagonally across the screen front. What colors are available?

Colors are seasonal and include the following color options:

  • Gray, black, white
  • Purple, blue, red
  • Green, pink
  • Silver, gold
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