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Staying Connected with Motorola USB Cell Phone Cables

As you regularly use your Motorola cell phone, you will want to be able to back up your stored data, charge your battery, or expand the capabilities of the phone. Motorola USB cell phone cables are designed to work with your specific mobile device. You can now choose between charging the battery, transferring pictures, or listening to headphones with these special USB cables.

What types of cables work with Motorola phones?

The specific USB cable type will depend on the model of your Motorola cell phone. Refer to the original packaging of the phone to determine what type of connector or terminal fits on the phone. The original packaging of the cable will list the type of terminal on each end and the gender (male or female), if relevant, such as for audio cables. The packaging of the USB connector will also list the purpose, whether its to transfer data or to charge the battery of the mobile device.

What tasks can you do with Motorola mobile device cables?

Each compatible USB cable will allow you to do the following tasks with your Motorola mobile device:

  • Charge cell phone battery: Newer versions of Motorola phones will use USB cables to connect to a power adapter, charger, or portable battery bank. There are various lengths of USB cables to charge batteries, depending on your home or office setup. Use the compatible cable to charge your battery when your mobile device is not in use.
  • Transfer data: Depending on the model of your mobile device, you can transfer pictures, notes, voice memos, and contacts using the USB cable connected to your desktop or laptop computer.
  • Listen to sounds and music: With the 3.5mm to USB adapter cable, you can listen to music, voicemails, and audio from video playback. You can connect loudspeakers, headphones, earbuds, or any audio speaker device with a 3.5mm audio plug.
What precautions should you take while using Motorola USB cables?

Motorola USB cables use an electric charge to work correctly. The following safety precautions should be followed when using these USB connectors to transfer data or to charge the battery:

  • Use as directed: Only use the USB charger or data cable for the intended purpose as stated in the original packaging.
  • Store when not in use: Store additional USB cables and chargers in a dry place away from heat and moisture.
  • Avoid contact with water: Remove USB connectors from clothing before laundering garments. The USB connector will not work or carry a charge if it is put through a wash and dry cycle.
  • Check instructions: Review the original instructions for the Motorola cell phone to check if the model of your USB cable or charger is compatible with the phone model.
  • Take note of any damage: Discontinue use of the USB connector if the wire is frayed or broken, will no longer hold a charge, or if the terminals are bent, smashed, or cracked.
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