Improve Your Images and Videos with the Right DSLR Cage

A DSLR cage is an open casing that you put your camera inside of in order to steady shooting or attach helpful accessories that can improve the quality of your footage. eBay has an extensive selection of DSLR cages to choose from.

How do you choose the right camera cage?

First, you should check that the DSLR cage is compatible with your camera model. You should also consider if parts of the camera you need to access while it's in use will still be accessible while in the cage. Make a list of what accessories you want to attach to the rig. Then, check that all of those attachment necessities are possible with the cages you consider. If you use your DSLR camera during sports like skateboarding, then you don't have a need for cages with a lot of attachment options. You should opt for a small cage for that type of use.

What is the purpose of a DSLR cage?

A cage gives you the ability to use accessories with the DSLR camera, such as microphones and lights. Some videographers use a cage to attach handles on the sides or on top to improve handling of their cameras. If you usually shoot footage from hip height, then opt for an underarm grip. Attach handles to the side of the cage if you usually shoot footage at eye level. On eBay, you'll find many options in camera cages, including affordable and high-end cages.

What accessories can you attach to a DSLR cage?

You have many possibilities in what accessories you can attach to a DSLR cage, including:

  • Matte box: Matte boxes are used to help block sunlight and artificial light that interferes with the image you're capturing. They usually consist of movable flaps. Some matte boxes come with filter slides if you want to add filters to your images and videos.
  • Follow focus: You can attach a follow focus to the bottom of the cage if you would like the ability to find focus without using the camera's focus. Some people find it more comfortable using a find focus in their setups.
  • Microphones: Many people who shoot outdoors like to add microphone attachments to improve the sound quality of their recordings. If you plan on using the DSLR camera at a wedding, it's also a good idea to add an external mic.
  • Lights: You may not always be happy with the lighting outdoors or inside a room, so this is where light attachments come in. If you're interviewing someone, you should consider attaching an external light source to your camera.
  • Monitors: You have probably noticed that many professionals use external monitor attachments that allow them to monitor the recording on a larger screen.