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Muller Martini Binders and Stitchers

If you work at a printing press or own a printing company, you already well know the value of having the best machines available to produce books, magazines, periodicals, and other forms of reading materials at an expedient rate. In business since 1946, Muller Martini is familiar to many for producing strong and durable machines that process and bind quickly and efficiently.

What Are Binding Machines and Stitchers Used For?

Muller Martini primarily produces binders and stitchers. These machines help people to complete several different processes, depending on the machine, but each leads to the production of reading materials while using features like comb binding and hole punching.;

  • Books: ; Assembly with a binding machine.;
  • Documents and other reading materials: ; May use a saddle stitcher to mass-produce.
  • Softcover books and magazines: ; Have specific softcover machines to aid in production.

What Are Some Specific Muller Martini Products?

If you have a specific goal in mind, then you want the Muller Martini machine produces quite a few products, and some appear below:

  • Saddle stitcher: ; This type is better for multiple sheets and documents. The machine collates them and stitches them together.;
  • Softcover production: ; If your aim is to produce softcover books or magazines, there are a myriad of machines available, such as a binder, digital softcover machine, a gathering machine, a dedicated stitching machine, adhesive monitoring, and book sewing.;
  • Hardcover books: ; There are many machines involved in the making of a hardcover book. You may be interested in a model like the backgluer, or a book sewing machine. There are also models that use a trimmer, drying/pressing paper, stacking books, and jacketing.
  • Newspaper: ; For your newspaper mailroom, opt for inserting, stacking, and bundle building machines.

Are There Replacement Parts Available?

There are many replacement parts available when it comes to Muller Martini products, whether you need replacement parts for a spiral binding machine, a comb binder, or other types of machines. From bobbins to internal parts, there are a few options available to help you service these machines:

  • Manuals: ; Many Muller Martini manuals (old and new) are available for download or sale so you can seamlessly have your product serviced.
  • Stitching carriage: ; This helps ensure that the stitches are thorough and even.
  • Bobbin: ; This is a necessary part of nearly any binding or stitching machine.
  • Lever: ; A replacement helps continue with operation of the machine.;
  • Holders: ; These help keep feeds and paper in place.;
  • Blades: ; These help with the cutting of the paper, so everything is even and aesthetically pleasing.;
  • Other internal and external parts: ; Nearly every replacement part is available directly from the manufacturer, or through many resellers.