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Grooving to the Mellow Beat of a Native American Flute

Whether you are a seasoned professional or a first-time student and you enjoy the mellow sound of a Native American flute, you can find one eBay and let it take a spot in your musical collection. One of the oldest musical instruments in the world, it is known for its haunting melody and colorful history.

How are size and key related?

The lower the key, the bigger the flute. Experts recommend buying the biggest flute that fits your hand. First, look for the finger hole spacing and dimensions in the description. Then, using a rolled-up paper or dowel, mark the finger holes to match. Test to see if it fits. People with small hands often play an instrument in the key of A or higher, and higher is also smaller in this case. People with bigger hands can usually play flutes that go up to the key of G. The higher the key, the deeper the sound.

What other factors affect the size and sound?

Flutes with High D or High C, the highest range, have a whistling sound reminiscent of Irish melodies. Those in the lowest range have a hollow, mellow sound. If youre like many other musicians, you will choose the deepest tone that fits your fingers. Flutes in the A and G range fall somewhere in the middle but give a deeper sound than smaller ones. Larger flutes, such as those in low D, F#, or lower tones, are harder to play because they require greater control of the breath. You have a lot of choices. Serious flute players usually have flutes in various sizes and woods.

Which wood is used?

If youre learning to play the flute, the most important thing about wood is its durability. If youre a serious player, the wood may make more difference. Hardwoods like birch and walnut hold up better and have a crisper tone although soft woods like pine and cedar have a mellow sound and pleasant aroma.

Are songbooks and accessories available for Native American flutes?

Traditionally, Native American flutes were played spontaneously and intuitively. Some companies, however, sell music that you can play without being able to read notes. Instead, you use graphics of the holes to produce specific tones. There is also sheet music and how-to guides for flute players as well as storage bags and stands.

How is a Native American flute different from other flutes?

A Native American flute is technically one made by members of federally recognized tribes, but you can also buy a flute made in the Native American style. Some are even endorsed by Native American musicians. You can find a selection of new and vintage models in a variety of sizes and woods on eBay.