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Car and Truck Neon Light Bulbs

Aftermarket lighting adds flair and style to your car, truck, or vehicle. With options such as headlights, underbody, and interior lights, the options for customization are endless. When selecting neon varieties, it is important to look for adequate exterior housing that protects the interior glass tubing from the stress and strain caused when driving.

What are the key features of neon lights?

These custom lights for your vehicle have several key features:

  • Available colors: Neon gas is mixed with other gases, such as argon, to create a range of colors. However, because the gas mixture is enclosed in a tube, neon interior and underbody lights only offer a single color per tube.
  • Tube housing: These units are housed first within a glass tube, then an outer acrylic tube, which limits configurations as they cannot be bent or curved.
  • Sync to music: Many times, they can be wired to sync with the music in your car, creating extravagant lighting effects.
What kind of power source do you need?

When customizing your car with aftermarket lighting, you will need to consider how the lights will be powered and if you will require an additional power source. Here are some options:

  • An expandable circuit: This is wired into your vehicles fuse box. Many light kits come with these circuits or have expandable circuits available from the same manufacturer. Be sure to check the amperage of the fuse you use to wire the circuit, so that your neon light kit will work appropriately.
  • Cigarette lighter adapter: This plugs into the cigarette lighter in your car as well as the neon light kit. This is a simple option.
  • Bare power and ground wires: These are attached to your vehicles battery. This option does require more skill and knowledge of your automobiles engine parts and wiring but offers a direct power source.
What color options are there for neon lighting?

These lights functions by passing an electric current through a glass tube filled with neon gas. On its own, neon gas lights are red. To create other colors, a different gas is mixed in the tube, such as carbon dioxide for white, mercury for blue, and helium for gold.

What different kinds of automotive lights are there?

There is an array of options for lights to customize your truck or car. Some of the more common choices include:

  • Underglow lights.
  • Speaker or subwoofer glow rings.
  • Interior atmosphere strip lights.
  • Flexible rope tubing lights.
  • Exterior center high mount rear brake lights.