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Innovative at Every Level:
Nike Kyrie 5 Sneakers for Men

Nike Kyrie 5 Sneakers

The Nike Kyrie 5 was released in late November 2018. This sneaker was designed with unpredictability in mind. The Kyrie 7 was designed to be a more personal, technically advanced signature series sneaker. The prominent theme and inspiration for the Kyrie 5 was the Hamsa all-seeing eye tattoo on Kyrie Irving's arm. Nike and Irving deliver innovative technology at every level of the Kyrie 5.

What are some key features of the Nike Kyrie 5 sneakers?

The leading feature on the Nike Kyrie 5 is the revolutionary Nike Air Zoom Turbo unit. The sneaker features a new containment system inspired by a Venus flytrap. This upper is constructed of engineered mesh. These high-performance basketball shoes also feature a rounded outsole that wraps up the sidewalls up the upper. The Kyrie 5 are legitimate Ben Nethongkome designer shoes, as the innovative pair worked on crafting a sneaker that embodied the athlete's unique skill set.

Nike Kyrie 5 Sneakers

For the Kyrie 5, the geometric pattern on the traction was changed to Hamsa's all-seeing eye. This is Kyrie's personal touch, adding a little bit of spirit, to help make this sneaker something more than the average basketball shoe. These multicolor Kyrie shoes even come available as SpongeBob sneakers, a colorway that was released in 2019. Altogether, the Kyrie 5 sneakers are available in over 30 different colorways.

How do the Nike Kyrie 5 shoes fit on your feet?

These Kyrie shoes typically fit true to size but may feel like a snug fit for some. The overlay, inspired by the Venus flytrap, is designed to provide a snug, locked-down feel on the midfoot. Flywire cables help reinforce this lockdown feeling on the foot. Placement of the Air Zoom Turbo is designed to help improve how responsive these shoes feel. Enhancing the fit and feel were top priorities for Nethongkome when designing the new Kyrie 5.

The Air Zoom unit is actually designed to form to the shape of the player's foot. A foam midsole contributes to the comfort of the shoe on your foot. The Flytrap mesh upper is designed to be both supportive and flexible, extending to the ankle through the mid-top collar. See the manufacturer site for details.

Nike Kyrie 5 Sneakers

How are the Nike Kyrie 5 shoes supposed to help a player?

These sneakers are designed to support the movements of shifty, explosive play-making guards. The Nike Air Zoom Turbo is cushioning designed to deliver explosive returns on energy with each step. This wide cushion is located at the forefoot and designed to rotate on multidirectional cuts and deliver energy return. The Air Zoom Turbo unit is designed to optimize coverage and improve stability for rapid changes in direction.

Welded channels that run throughout the sneaker are designed to provide the flexibility needed for multidirectional movements. The Flywire is designed to help lock the foot into the Air Zoom unit. The mesh upper on the Kyrie 5 was designed to optimize breathability. The passed collar on the Kyrie 5 is designed to help reinforce support for the Achilles tendon. The curved outsole is designed to improve stability while enhancing traction when making quick movements.

Nike Kyrie 5 Sneakers

Nike Kyrie 5 vs. Nike Kyrie 6 vs. Nike Kyrie 7

Nike Kyrie 5 Nike Kyrie 6 Nike Kyrie 7
Weight 13.1 oz 15.1 oz 12.6 oz
Closures Laced Laced Laced
Available Colors 31 19 4

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