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Nike Kyrie Irving Sneakers
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Nike Kyrie Irving Sneakers

Since 2014, nearly a dozen Nike Kyrie Irving sneakers have been released in almost 150 different colorways. The Nike Kyrie Irving collection quickly evolved into one of the most popular NBA player basketball shoes available in recent history. Nike currently features Kyrie signature shoes at the same level as LeBron, Giannis, and Kevin Durant.

What are the key features on Kyrie Irving sneakers?

The Kyrie 7 is a mid-cut sneaker featuring a midsole cushioned with Air Zoom Turbo and mesh upper. The mesh wraps used in the upper on the Kyrie 7 are designed to improve foot speed. These sneakers also feature 360-degree traction scientifically engineered to provide players with better multi-directional control for outmaneuvering defenders. The curved Air Zoom Turbo in the Kyrie 7 is designed to bendable to provide more responsiveness to the more dynamic moves on the court.

The Kyrie Low 3 is designed to provide athletes with multidirectional agility and traction for quick-cutting plays. The low-cut design features an aggressive tread of rubber wrapping up the sides and a secure strap midfoot for improved stability. The Kybrid S2 combines some of the best tech from the Kyrie 4, 5, and 6 all in one sneaker. These sneakers feature a Zoom Air unit and traction wrapping up the sides to help improve responsiveness for quick-cutting athletes.

Nike Kyrie Irving Sneakers

The Kyrie 6 featured refined materials like premium leather and ballistic mesh on the upper. The mesh provided improved breathability and support. These sneakers also featured a reinforced toe designed to help reduce the risk of abrasion. The Kyrie 6 version also carried over the curved outsole and traction extending to the forefoot and up the sidewalls for better grip.

What does the Nike Kyrie Irving collection have to offer?

Kyrie Irving currently has seven signature edition sneakers featured by Nike. The Nike Kyrie 1 first debuted in December 2014, and the Nike Kyrie 7 was released in late October 2020. Low-top alternatives include the original Nike Kyrie Low Uncle Drew sneakers that debuted in June 2018, the Nike Kyrie Low 2 from November 2019, and the Kyrie Low 3 released in October 2020.

Hybrid versions of these athletic basketball shoes include the Nike Kybrid S2 release in October 2020 and the Nike Kyrie S1 Hybrid from December 2017. In March 2018, the Nike Flytrap debuted as the budget-friendly versions of the Kyrie Irving basketball shoes. The Nike Kyrie Flytrap 3 sneakers were released in December 2019. The Kyrie Irving collection of sneakers is specifically designed to support the quick, multidirectional movements of playmaking guards.

Nike Kyrie Irving Sneakers

Comparing the Nike Kyrie Irving sneakers

Kyrie 7 Kyrie Low 3 Kybrid S2
Closures Laced Laced Laced
Available Colors 4 6 1

How do the Nike Kyrie Irving shoes fit on your feet?

The mesh upper wraps in the Kyrie 7 are designed to provide a comfortable, snug fit. The supportive construction design in the Kyrie 7 is a carry-over from its predecessor. The Zoom Air Turbo helps provide a smooth feel underfoot. The Kyrie 6 sneakers feature a heel counter and padded collar that help keep the ankle and foot properly aligned. This sneaker helps provide a lockdown fit by featuring an adjustable strap that crosses over the laces midfoot.

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