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Protect Your Investment with Nikon 67mm Camera Lens Caps

Nikkor lenses, or those that are made by Nikon, will often include caps. You may want to have spare caps, however, so that you always have one at the ready while casually shooting pictures of your friends, or while you're on set at a professional shoot. Knowing the features available with each lens cap will help you to get the right accessories for your camera.

What purpose does a lens cap serve?

A snap-on 67mm lens cap is designed to protect the lens. A lens cap should be on the lens while it is in the camera bag, as well as when it is being held but not in use. A cap will prevent scratches and ensure that dust does not get in and around the lens.

How does the Nikon lens cap stay on?

It is important to look at how the lens cap stays affixed to the lens. You do not want it to fall off inside of your camera bag or pop off while you are walking around. There are various ways in which a cap can be designed to stay in place.

  • Snap-on: The snap-on lens cap snaps on and off. The cap is released from the lens by pressing on the sides.
  • Screw-on: The cap screws into place using the threading on the lens or the filter.
What are some of the available features?

You will find that there are many features available in the Nikon 67mm lens caps. It is possible to find more than one feature in a cap. Knowing what you want will make it easier for you to get a good accessory for your camera.

  • Lens leash: Keeps the cap attached.
  • Nikon logo: The logo is front and center on the cap.
  • Front element protection: Designed to protect the lens against front impact.
What is a lens kit?

A lens kit will often provide you with not only the cap but a few other accessories that you will find useful. Several items may be included in a kit:

  • Lens cap
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Fust brush
  • Can of air
What is a lens leash?

A lens leash, also referred to as a cap keeper, has one end that attaches to the cap and the other that connects to the lens. It allows the cap to hang from the lens so that it does not get lost. The end that attaches to the lens is usually a rubber band. The end that attaches to the cap may be adhesive or magnetic based on what you choose.