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Nikon Monoculars 101

Using a Nikon monocular can be useful when you are trying to focus on a bird in the distance or want to get a better look at the deer you're hunting. As a compact telescope, a monocular is highly portable. Monoculars can be used in the field, out on the water, or anytime you want to keep your eye on something.

How do they work?

A monocular uses an objective lens to refract, or bend, the light coming through it. When refracted light passes through other interior lenses and prisms, the image is presented to the viewer as magnified.

How do monoculars differ from each other?

There are a variety of models available. Some things to consider when purchasing one of these items are:

  • Magnification: Monoculars are marked with numbers. For example, one might show that it is a 6x15 model. The first number, six, indicates how many times the image is enlarged by the device. At higher magnification levels, you can increase your viewing capabilities from a distance, but it can also take more time to steady your shot and get things in focus.
  • Objective size: Back to the example of a monocular marked as 6x15; the second number, 15, refers to the diameter of the front lens as measured in millimeters.
  • Zoom: Some products offer a zoom function. This function allows you to make adjustments to increase or decrease the amount of magnification. If a monocular does not have a variable zoom, it's called a fixed monocular.
  • Field of view: This describes your horizontal viewing range. For instance, a product's field of view could be 400 feet at 1000 yards. A product with less magnification might have a field of view of 500 feet at 1000 yards.
  • Coating: The lenses are often coated to enhance color perception, reduce light loss, and help with focus. There may be single or multiple layers of coatings.
  • Eye relief: This is a measurement that indicates how far away from the viewing lens your eye can be. The eye relief may affect those who wear glasses, since the presence of glasses may change how close an eye can be to the lens.
Are there monoculars created for specific uses?

Yes, there are multipurpose monoculars as well as those intended for one particular purpose. Some specialty products are designed for:

  • Hunting: A product to use in rugged conditions could be shockproof, waterproof, and convenient to carry.
  • Boating: Those intended to be used around the water will use waterproof, anti-rust material.
  • Night activity: Night vision products come with a built-in IR illuminator so that you can focus on an object in low-light conditions.
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