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Details of Air Bags

Safety is of critical importance for you and your family when you are out driving in your car, which is where air bags come in. Its crucial to replace an air bag after finding out that you have a defective air bag or when news of a product recall breaks. For Nissan cars, there are air bags to suit all of the different makes and models of their vehicles.

What Types of Air Bag Are There?

The placement of air bags can vary from vehicle to vehicle even by the same vehicle manufacturer. In order to protect the driver and passengers of a vehicle, cars can be fitted with multiple air bags throughout their auto interior, including:

  • Steering Wheel Air Bag: Found inside the steering wheel, this particular air bag is designed to protect against a head injury when the driver is a head-on collision.
  • Side Air Bags: To prevent injury during side impacts, driver-side and passenger-side air bags can be found inside the vehicles doors in the form of curtain air bags.
  • Knee Air Bag: Down at knee height under the glove box or steering wheel, these air bags are intended to protect the legs of the driver and occupant in the passenger seat.
  • Rear Air Bags: Most standard air bags are used to protect occupants of the front seat. However, there are also ones that go in the back seat to protect rear passengers.

What Are the Important Parts of an Air Bag System?

Cars like the Nissan Altima or Murano have a number of parts that together enable air bags to work. The core components for this system in an Altima or any modern car, known as a supplemental restraint system, include:

  • Safety Sensor: Cars are fitted with a large number of sensors, that together can tell when the car has been in an accident with sudden impact. They are designed to not just go off when driving over a pothole or in the case of a minor fender bender.
  • Air Bag Inflator: This is the device that houses the propellant of the air bag and when ignited, the inflator propellant fills the bag with a gas. Air bag inflators are able to fill the space in a matter of milliseconds.
  • The Bag Itself: Designed with a large surface area to to spread the impact, these bags feature small vents to allow the inflators gas to release in a calculated time period.

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