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Add Pins or Enamel Patches to Your Disney Collection

You can see Disney properties and imagery in use all over the world. The company produces various pins or patch designs that you can wear on your clothing. eBay may host several specific enamel pins that feature both contemporary and classic Disney characters.

What types of enamel pins and patches are there?

Knowing the kinds of patch options or enamel pins that eBay may host could help you find the memorabilia that suits your needs or preferences. You may be able to use one of several categories to narrow your search results and find what you need. Some common items you might find during your search are:

  • Disney Princess - This category may feature pin or patch materials depicting one or more of Disney's princess characters. Some common characters include Elsa, Jasmine, or Snow White. A patch may feature artwork that matches the character you see.
  • Special occasions - You may be able to find an enamel pin featuring Disney characters dressed up in festive costumes for holidays such as Halloween or Christmas.
  • Jumbo pins - These pins may be larger than many of the standard sizes. You can check the manufacturer for details.
What characters are available?

You may be able to find enamel pins for specific characters or franchises on eBay. Some common characters you might be able to find are:

  • Mickey Mouse - One of the company's iconic characters and known in many parts of the world. Pins with Mickey may include other characters from the Mouse family, such as Minnie.
  • Chip and Dale - They are a brotherly pair of explorer chipmunks that go on daring adventures together.
  • Toy Story - Characters from the Toy Story line include Bo Peep, Buzz Lightyear, Rex, or Woody the Cowboy.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean - Several enamel pins featuring the pirates from the films.
  • Star Wars - Disney owns Star Wars, so you may be able to find pins or patch material featuring various characters from the films or cartoons.
Can you purchase used enamel pins?

You may be able to purchase used memorabilia. There are a few possible advantages to buying a used patch or pin:

  • Pricing - Used enamel pins or patches may still look and feel new but are available at lower prices than brand new items.
  • Quantity - Some used items might be included in lots of 50 or 100 enamel pins, providing you with a huge variety of them.