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The Locksmith Equipment Every Locksmith Needs

A locksmith is often called on to help people when they have locked themselves out, have broken a key, or misplaced a key. In order to quickly open a lock or make a new key, a locksmith needs certain tools of the trade. These new, used, or pre-owned tools can be kept in an office or be taken out on service calls.

What essential locksmith tools do you need?

There are many types of tools that make, mend, and manipulate keys and locks. However, there are some basic tools available on eBay that are essential for successful lockpicking jobs. The most important tools to have are:

  • Tension tools - Tension tools are used to hold the cylindrical part of a lock still while manipulating the pins. These tools are essential for working on pin/tumbler locks because the pins are tiny.
  • Key extractors - When a key has been broken inside a lock, a key extractor is used to pull out the broken parts. This tool is a long piece of metal that can fit inside the lock and pull the pieces out.
  • Plug spinners - Keys can turn right or left in a lock. If the lock has already been placed in the wrong direction, a plug spinner can be used to rotate the lock back in the correct direction. This frees the locking mechanism.
  • Pick gun - This tool is used to hit all of the locking pins simultaneously, which forces them in the same direction. This action then allows you to use a tension wrench to turn the lock.
  • Key-making machines - At some point, a locksmith will need to make a new key for someone. A key machine can cut keys properly and efficiently. A locksmith may want to have more than one type of key machine, depending on the type of work they see.
Types of key copy machines

There are three main types of key-cutting machines. The most common one is a key duplicating machine, which takes an existing key and copies the design into a new key. A laser cutter for car keys does not use a laser. It works in a similar fashion to a duplicator but is used for vehicles older than 1990. A laser cutter can adjust thicknesses as well as grooves. A code cutter is used if the original key is lost. If the locksmith can find the key code, it can be entered into the machine, and a new key can be cut.

What equipment does a locksmith use to program a key fob?

These days, most cars have keyless fobs or transponder keys. A locksmith can use a key programmer, which can be found on eBay, to encode the correct key code into a transponder key. These machines are sophisticated and will get the job done quickly and efficiently.