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Ovation Guitar Parts and Accessories

Ovation parts and accessories for your guitar can be used to make instrument repairs or add extra dimension to a guitar's function. These parts include tuning pegs, strings, and items for the instrument's body such as saddles, bridges, and pick guards. Accessories for an Ovation model can include hard or soft cases, straps, and chromatic tuners.

What is the difference between Ovation parts and accessories?

While they can serve a similar purpose, Ovation guitar parts and accessories are different.

  • Ovation parts: Parts are items that relate to the construction of an Ovation model and are mechanical in nature.
  • Ovation accessories: Accessories are optional items you can use to protect your instrument or to expand its function.
What Ovation accessories are available?

These are some of the Ovation accessories you can choose from:

  • Straps: Used to hold the instrument while playing. A guitar strap is most often used when players are standing up while playing.
  • Stands: Stands are for holding the guitar when displayed. They consist of a metal frame or brace that has resting places for the bottom of the guitar and the neck.
  • Cases: Cases are used to store your guitar when it is not in use. Some are made of nylon while others have a hard shell. The interiors of many cases are lined with velvet or other soft material to protect the finish of your guitar.
  • Strings: Used to replace other broken strings. Strings are generally offered in a complete set of six.
  • Chromatic tuners: Tuners can be purchased in different styles. Some attach to the headstock of the guitar while others are held in the hand. Many include a microphone to detect the pitch of a guitar string while others monitor a string's vibration to assess accurate pitch.
What Ovation parts are available?

You can find these and other replacement parts for Ovation instruments:

  • Tuning pegs: Used to tighten the guitar strings. Tuning pegs are made from plastic or metal and are most often offered in white or chrome.
  • Pick guards: Used to protect the finish of the guitar from scratches caused by a guitar pick. A pick guard is made from plastic and attaches to the instrument directly beneath the soundhole. The back of the pick guard is coated in glue for easy attachment.
  • Nut: Separates the fretboard from the headstock. The nut is made of plastic and is usually white in color.
  • Saddle: Located on the body of the instrument as a seat for the guitar's strings. Saddles can be made of metal or plastic. There is a hole for each individual string.
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