Choosing a Hard Disk Drive

Internal hard disk drives, also known as hard drives or HDD, are used to store memory on a computer. The hard drive stores all of the files and information as well as the operating system on your computer and the amount of storage space the device has is based on how many gigabytes of memory are available. Most people can get away with less storage space if they're not using their computers for work or for storing large files and softwares.

How Much Space Will This Hard Drive Offer?

  • Hard drives with less storage space are ideal for light to moderate computer users that don't need to run a lot of softwares or have a simple interface.
  • Those looking to use their device for surfing the web, checking email, or playing simple computer games will find that 250 GB HDD space suits them just fine.

How Do I Install This Hard Drive?

  • An internal hard drive has to be installed within the device itself and cannot be used externally.
  • External hard drives are available as a way to add storage space to a device without having to replace the HDD entirely.
  • There are a handful of how-to guides available to replace your PC or Mac's HDD yourself, though it's not recommended if you've never attempted working with hardware before as hardware systems tend to not have a simple interface.
  • Almost any technology repair service can replace the HDD quickly.

Can I Use This Hard Drive In Any PC?

  • No, disk drives vary depending on whether they're compatible with a PC or Mac.
  • Additionally, disk drives also vary depending on whether or not they're made for tablets, phones, desktop computers, or laptops.
  • Before purchasing a desktop hard drive, make sure the hard disk drive is compatible with the product you need to run it on and comes with the GB storage capacity you need to run the operating system as well as save all softwares, applications, and files.

What Does PATA, SATA, and ATA Mean?

  • PATA, IDE, ATA, STA, and ITE refers to the hard drive motherboard interface that the device has, and it is a good way to signify which replacement hard drive you need to buy.
  • PATA: Parallel ATA (also known as ITE or IDE)
  • SATA: Serial ATA
  • SATA is more commonly seen than PATA, ITE, or IDE interfaces because SATA offers increased airflow, increased data transfer rate, and ease of use with cables.
  • PATA, IDE, and IDE differ from SATA in how they're connected to a device.
  • ATA is a way of connecting the hard disk drive controller.
  • ATA stands for Advanced Technology Attachment and specifies the connector on-board whether that be an ATA-100 or other ATA interfaces.