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Getting a Speed Boost With PC2-4200 DDR2-533 RAM

You minimize the latest photo editing software and flip to your web browser to check social media. Feeling that you need even more of a break, you decide instead to queue up one of your favorite PC games and start playing. If youre like most people, you use your computer for a variety of tasks, sometimes all at the same time. Computers are able to handle all of these tasks, which are often running concurrently, with RAM. In general, the more RAM you have, the more your computer will be able to do, and at an increased speed. Whether you are looking for a quick memory upgrade to your laptop or are seeking to build a PC from scratch, you can find laptop and desktop memory of all types, such as PC2-4200 DDR2 RAM that has a speed of 533 MHz, available from a variety of sellers on eBay in many different sizes.

What Are the Benefits of Extra Memory?

Because DDR2-533 MHz RAM performs virtually all of your computers operations, it is essential to make sure you have a sufficient amount.

  • While laptop and desktop memory is not a cure-all, it is often the easiest way to see an immediate boost to your computer or laptops operating speed, even if you are using an old PC.
  • Most computers allow you to simply open them up, match up the pins, clip in the DDR2 memory to the motherboard, and reap the benefits.
  • While buying a new CPU or graphics card is a sure-fire way to also see an increase in processing speed, these items are not only more difficult to install, but are much more expensive.

When Do I Need to Upgrade RAM?

Apart from simply wishing to have a faster desktop computer or personal laptop, there are also certain events that may provoke you to upgrade your DDR2 memory.

  • Because the operating system of your computer has a large effect on its overall performance, it is a good idea to upgrade the computer RAM before switching to a newer operating system. New operating systems typically require more memory than their predecessors, meaning if you do not upgrade your memory, you may actually see a decrease in speed once you install the new OS.
  • Another event that may spark an increase in computer memory is when you are installing new software or hardware. Because RAM is so inexpensive for the power it provides, not to mention the ease of installation, if you are already opening up your computer to add new components, it is often the perfect occasion to upgrade the RAM. This is also important because those new components may actually require more memory to run, giving you even more incentive to add more DDR2 RAM.
  • The last reason to upgrade your memory is more counter-intuitive: right after you have bought a new computer. New computers can often ship with minimal amount of memory, and you can get an immediate speed boost by buying your own additional RAM alongside your new system.

Which Type of RAM Do I Need?

When purchasing RAM, it is important to know which variety is correct for your computer.

  • Ensure that the RAM you are purchasing is compatible. Ensure your computer actually supports DDR2 RAM at 533 MHz by researching the specific model. DDR2 DIMMs are not compatible with DDR3 or DDR, so this is crucial.
  • Once you know which type of RAM is compatible, including which memory modules, you need to decide on the size. Higher gigabyte values indicate that the RAM is high-performance.