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Get Stylish With PRADA Brown Green Sunglasses for Women

PRADA offers a variety of luxury brown green sunglasses. A brown frame and green lenses characterize these sunglasses, and they paint the Italian culture and way of life. These designer women’s sunglasses offer unique and high-quality designs, and they shield your eyes from the bright spring heat.

Which styles can you get from Prada brown green sunglasses for women?

Here are some styles that Prada brown green sunglasses come in:

  • Oval: There are a variety of oval brown green sunglasses you can choose from. One is the Havana green Prada sunglasses that come with a bleached brown plastic frame and green lenses. They provide a calm and stylish look.
  • Square: Square designs are usually oversized sunglasses designer glasses for women. They offer a bold look without compromising on style. Such include the Prada sunglasses 57US that feature huge square lenses with a thick, checked brown frame. These sunglasses are large enough to offer plenty of shade for your eyes during the spring season.
  • Round: Prada 15s Ornate brown Havana leather sunglasses are round sunglasses that give you a glamorous look on a sunny day while also providing the protection your eyes need. They feature a round shape with a leather frame that makes them pop out. The style that these luxury sunglasses for women give you is great whether you are on vacation or during a casual summer day.
What materials are Prada sunglasses made of?

Different designer women’s sunglasses are made up of different materials. The material that the frame will contain is different from that of the lenses. Some frames are made up of leather, metal, stainless steel, and acetate while others are made of plastic.

Each pair of Prada sunglasses is also made from a different lens technology, each suited for a given purpose. The lens may be polarized, seeking to offer a stylish look and at the same time offer enough shade during the sunny weather. You can also get tinted lenses that portray a serious look in style or even anti-reflective ones that are ideal for basking at the beach.

Can you get Prada sunglasses in the cat-eye design?

You can get the Prada sunglasses cat-eye design with brown lenses and a brown finish on the frames. The Prada SPR O9QS Blonde Havana shaded sunglasses feature a light brown color on the lenses, brown arms, and a shaded green frame. These sunglasses offer a flirty, classic look for a stylish walk in the summer.