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Panasonic Portable AM/FM Radios

The Panasonic portable AM/FM radio offers a means of bringing radio programs and songs with you wherever you go. This radio was built for varied indoor and outdoor activities, such as gardening, hiking, and cooking, offering audio entertainment on the go. Some of these radios use shortwave or DAB signals.

How large is the Panasonic portable radio?

These Panasonic radios are built for portability; therefore, most models are relatively small though larger options are available. Smaller options include a pocket-size version, designed to fit into a shirt pocket, and an armband radio, some of which weigh less than a half pound. Larger models are comparable to the size and weight of a large book. The speaker takes up the bulk of the mass of most models though the perforated design of the speaker generally contributes minimally to the mass.

What power source does the Panasonic portable radio use?

This Panasonic radio relies on different power sources. Most require batteries and some can also be plugged into an electrical outlet via a power cord. Most are AC/DC compatible. Some radios offer built-in permanent batteries. Certain models, such as radios designed for emergency scenarios, can be recharged using a hand-crank battery charger and can even provide power to other electronics, which can be plugged into a USB port in the radio.

What additional options does the Panasonic portable radio offer?

In addition to an AM/FM radio, different models of the Panasonic portable radio with speaker include an antenna, a clock, an alarm clock, a cassette player, or a CD player. Some radios offer preset station options, an LCD screen, and Bluetooth capability as well as the inclusion of headphones. Certain Panasonic radios come with a power cord, and others feature built-in batteries. Some models come with a handle, others offer a shoulder/neck strap, wrist strap, or armband for carrying ease. Some radios offer larger speakers than others.

Does the Panasonic portable radio offer digital or analog adjusters?

Panasonics portable radio is available in both digital and analog options. The analog option generally comes with a manual rotary dial for tuning and volume adjustments. Certain models offer extra-large rotary dials designed to ease adjustment when dexterity is limited, such as when wearing work gloves. The digital option usually has up and down buttons or dials to control tuning and volume on the device. The digital option shows settings on a screen.

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