Panoramic Film Cameras

Panoramic film cameras provide you with the ability to take photos in a wide view that captures more in a single frame than traditional cameras. They are available from a large number of brands, including Fujifilm, Konica, Minolta, Nikon, and Olympus. There are a variety of features equipped on these devices ranging from the inclusion of manual focus to red eye reduction settings.

What are some features on panoramic film cameras?

When you are trying to find a film camera that will fit your specific needs, there are multiple feature to consider. Some of these devices are outfitted with functionality that will imprint the date and time on each photo you take. Another feature is a dioptric adjustment, which is a feature that allows you to alter the viewfinder clarity to match your vision in the event that you do not have 20/20 vision. The inclusion of various manual program modes provides you with the means of directly adjusting numerous settings. Features like red eye reduction and timer settings allow you to avoid issues.

What are the different focus types to select from?

When you are selecting a panoramic camera, you will be provided with autofocus, manual focus, or the ability to use both when taking a picture.

  • Manual focus: With this setting, you will be required to alter the focus of the lens directly by hand, providing you with the ability to set the focus to a precise placement. You can typically do so via the focus ring on the camera lens.
  • Autofocus: This is a system that takes care of the focusing of each picture for you so that you can concentrate instead on other settings that will help you capture the photo you want. This optical system makes use of a control system and small motor in order to focus on a certain point or area within the frame.
How does the panoramic camera setting work?

When you are attempting to take this type of photography, you will be required to capture a wide view of whatever it is that you are trying to shoot, such as a landscape. The elongated field of view allows you to capture a lot in a single frame, which is why this form of photography is commonly used to shoot skylines. This type of camera is automatically built with this setting, allowing you to capture this type of photo without altering the settings too much. For a photo to qualify as a panorama, the aspect ratio will typically need to be at 2:1 or larger, which means that the picture is at least twice as wide as it is long.