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Paper Denim & Cloth Mens Jeans

Men have been getting their jeans from Paper Denim & Cloth since the company opened in 1999. If you are looking for mens jeans, then you may want to consider different styles, design techniques, and types of denim before making your final selection.

What are some different styles of mens jeans?

Mens jeans come in many different styles, including:

  • Skinny - These jeans usually have a midrise and are designed to fit close to the body. They often have a tapered leg opening.
  • Slim - These options usually have a midrise and are straight through the hips and thighs. They usually have a narrow leg opening.
  • Regular - These options usually have a midrise, and they are cut straight from the knees to their hems where they have a large leg opening.
  • Loose - These baggy-fitting choices usually are cut large throughout.
What are some design techniques applied to blue jeans?

There are many design techniques applied to blue jeans by companies like Paper Denim & Cloth, including:

  • Abrasion - A rough object, often a pumice stone, is rubbed across the surface of the denim.
  • Acid wash - This process gives indigo contrasting colors. It is often achieved by soaking a pumice stone in chlorine before placing it and the fabric in an industrial washer.
  • Enzyme wash - Various enzymes are put into an industrial washer with the fabric to change its color.
  • River washing - Fabric is usually washed twice to create river-washed denim. The first time it is washed with pumice stones, and the second time, pumice stones and enzymes are used.
  • Sandblasting - The fabric is shot with sand before it is washed.
  • Stonewashing - Fabric is washed with pumice stones. Different shades are achieved based on how long the fabric is left in the washing machine.
Does Paper Denim & Cloth offer different colors in jeans?

Yes, the company offers several colors in mens jeans. Many shades of blue are available. They also make khakis, black jeans, and jeans in a variety of other colors.

Are there different types of denim used for jeans?

Yes, designers use a variety of denim fabrics to make jeans, including:

  • Raw - Often called dry denim, this fabric is not washed after the production process.
  • Selvage - This fabric is made with one continuous cross-yarn so that it will not unravel.
  • Organic - Potato starch replaces chemicals during the manufacturing process.
  • Stretch - Under 10% of a stretch fabric is blended with the denim during the manufacturing process.
  • Polyester - A small amount of polyester is blended with denim to make these jeans.
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