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Penn Spinning Fishing Reel Parts & Repair Equipment

Penn Spinning Fishing Reel Parts and Repair Equipment

The Penn Fishing Tackle Manufacturing Company has produced fishing reels since 1933. Whether you fish in salt water or fresh water, your Penn fishing reels can endure heavy use and require replacement reel parts and repairs. You can buy Penn spinning fishing reel parts and repair equipment to stay ready to fish.

Should you repair or replace your spinning reel?

Repair and replacement of worn parts can keep your reel in service. Many anglers enjoy favorite reels or models that fit their styles particularly well. Repair and replacement of spinning reel parts can keep an otherwise good tool in use. You can also decide to purchase a complete Penn reel of the same model or another Penn model.

Are spinning reel parts interchangeable?

Penn reels frequently come in a series, and within a series, some parts are interchangeable while others are not. It is important to identify the model before searching for parts. For example, the Spinfisher has five generations or types. The parts are not always interchangeable between the generations, which have different bodies, handle shapes, and spool sizes. You should identify the model and use that information to get the part name and part number.

How can you find your Penn reel name or number?

You can search for reel parts and replacements using the reels name or number. To be sure of getting the right parts, you should use the model number. Penn prints the model number on the case as well as inside the case. It is usually a combination of numbers and letters. For example, model number 505HS is the Jigmaster.

How can you identify parts to repair or replace?

To get the names of the reel parts and see them in their proper position, you should look at your manufacturers instructions. If you no longer have them, you can contact the manufacturer. Once you locate the schematic showing the parts, you will be able to identify their correct placement.

What should you do if your reels nameplate is gone?

The first step is to identify the reel name or number. Penn prints the model name and number on the case. If you do not see it there, then you can look inside the body and on the bottom of the spool. The number is the main way because Penn uses series and offers many items under a single name like Spinfisher. You can find the manufacturer and then search for the part by type, such as:

  • Main housing, spools, spool assembly, and bails
  • Gears, bearings, bushings, springs, and washers
  • Handles, locking nuts, and knobs

The manufacturer recommends original equipment replacement parts for their spinning reels. Original equipment offers an assurance that the part should fit and perform the intended task.

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