A Portable Photo Studio Allows You to Take Professional Photos Anywhere

You can't expect everyone to travel to you when they want their photos taken. You can create a mobile photo studio by bringing the equipment to where your customers are. A portable studio can be as comprehensive as you need it to be, and eBay has an array of options for you to choose from.

What kinds of subjects are portable photo studios intended for?

A portable photo studio comes in a variety of sizes. As you explore eBay listings, you will want to consider what kind of subject you want to photograph. Some are approximately the size of a shoebox and are intended for photographing products. Others are considerably larger, allowing you to photograph one or more people inside. Once you know what you want to photograph, you can determine the minimum dimensions needed for your photo studio box.

What is a backdrop?

Most mobile photo studios will include a backdrop. This is typically the backside of the box. It may be a solid color for the subject to be up against, such as white, red, or black. It is also possible to find various designs, such as ones of nature so that it looks as though a person is in a park. Some backdrops are green, too, allowing you to super-impose a background of your choosing during the digital editing process.

What's included in a portable studio?

A variety of items might be included in a portable photo studio. An eBay seller may create a custom bundle to include a variety of items to enhance your photography session.

  • Shooting tent or box: This is where the subject will be placed.
  • Flash units: These will be built-in or stand-alone, providing plenty of light.
  • Tripod: This is designed to hold the camera steady while shooting the subject.
  • Light meter: This will read the amount of available light to help with camera settings.
  • Carrying case: The case will carry all of the components.
How is a portable photo studio set up?

The average portable studio sets up in just a few minutes. Many are designed to fold flat. They can pop into place by securing the corners with straps or snapping sides up. Then, depending on the components of the kit, you can either plug the box in to provide light from all sides or set up light stands around the outside of the studio.