Look Cool for Spring With Pilot Gold Sunglasses for Women

Pilot sunglasses, also known as aviator sunglasses, were first made famous by celebrities. Pilot gold sunglasses for women are the perfect accessory for your wardrobe that offers flair along with shade from the sun's glare. You, too, can look cool on those bright, sunny days of spring whether you're walking around town, hitting the club, riding a bike, or going to the beach. Enjoy a wide selection of styles, all in gold.

What styles of gold-rimmed sunglasses for women are there?

It's nearly impossible to make the wrong choice of gold frame women's sunglasses. The following gives an idea of the options you have available:

  • Lens coating: Includes options such as mirrored, polarized, flat, and gradient
  • Lens color: Includes choices like black, brown, blue, gray, purple, pink, and yellow
  • Lens shape: Includes options such as square, round, cat-eye, and shield
  • Gold frame color: Includes possibilities of yellow, rose, white, pink, and green gold
What brands make gold designer aviator sunglasses for women?

Here are some examples of popular designer brands that will keep you looking cool during spring break:

  • GUCCI: This brand creates both traditional and innovative styles with impact- and scratch-resistant lenses.
  • Dior: The luxury brand offers gold-finished metal frames in classic, bold, or chromatic styles.
  • Vogue: This Parisian company sets street fashion trends of various styles with different gold frames and lens colors.
  • Oscar de la Renta: The design house is famous for its wide selection and especially black, brown, purple, and pink lens colors.
  • CHANEL: This French company specializes in various lens shape options.
What features do pilot sunglasses have?

Pilot sunglasses all have the trademark aviator brow, making them easily recognizable. They also have oversized lenses which make a strong fashion statement, especially for anyone who wants a simple fashion accessory for warm weather. Other than that, they can vary in lens type, lens color, lens shape, and gold color with styles from classic to modern and everything in between.

Where should a pilot sunglasses collection begin?

With so many possible focus points for your sunglasses collection, it can seem difficult to get started. Consider the following tips to help you decide on a theme for your pilot sunglasses collection:

  • Choose a vintage decade: Pilot sunglasses have changed a lot over the years, and vintage can mean anything from 20 to 100 years ago.
  • Find iconic pieces: Collectible styles that make fashion trends or are hard to find may add value to your collection.
  • Decide on whether you'll actively use them or not: Although they're a style that can be worn in all seasons, some gold frames are especially good for sunny days.
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