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Information About Pinarello Cycling Equipment

Pinarello is a world-class manufacturer of performance bicycles. The Italian company handmakes touring bikes for serious touring cyclists or road racing competitors. Their name is known and well respected in the cycling community for their innovative engineering design and reputation for quality.

What type of bicycles does Pinarello make and produce parts for?

Pinarello bicycles and components are built to the exacting standards of the worlds most elite cyclists, offering a clear competitive edge. With several Tour de France winners and top finishers to their credit, Pinarello stands at the pinnacle of cycling equipment technology.

Pinarello almost exclusively makes bikes and components for touring bikes and racing bikes. MOST, their in-house component brand, provides a full host of components, tools, and upgraded parts for road bikes. They currently produce two models of touring bicycle; the GAN and the Dogma lines. Both lines feature full carbon fiber construction and tailored frame dimensions for a near custom fit.

Pinarello recently launched into the mountain bike segment with the introduction of the XC 7.7 and XC 9.9 models. Both feature the signature hand-built carbon fiber construction and an innovative divided rear triangle, an exclusive feature.

What products does MOST produce?

MOST makes handlebars, stems, and headsets for both the road and mountain bikes, which can be found on eBay. While these parts are designed for use on Pinarello bikes and frames, these high-end components can be adapted to any number of configurable touring and hybrid bikes. Here are some of the parts and components available from MOST:

  • Tigerultra Carbon Fiber Steering Stems - Racing/Touring
  • Jaguar Carbon Fiber Handlebars - Racing/Touring
  • iTalon Carbon Fiber Smart Handlebar Set - Racing/Touring
  • Headsets - Racing/Touring/Mountain
  • Seatposts - Racing/Touring/Mountain
What materials are used to make MOST components?

Although most premier bicycle makers utilize 100% carbon fiber, not all carbon fiber is the same. MOST uses advanced grades of carbon fiber available to the civilian world. Carbon fiber is composed of layers of woven carbon element fibers pressed together with a binding resin. Lesser grades of carbon fiber use carbon weave with looser braiding and inferior binding resins which make for a finished element with more bulk and weight and less strength. The Dogma and components designed to be used with the Dogma are made from 65HM1K carbon fiber, which is an aerospace grade of carbon fiber.

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