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Swing For Success With Pinnacle Gold Balls

Head down, shoulders square, feet in position: your body springs into action, and in one smooth motion, you pull back, swing, and follow-through. Are you on the green or did you end up in the sand trap again? While many golfers know that the right set of golf clubs are pivotal to their performance, fewer people pay attention to the type of golf balls they are using. Not all golf balls are equal. Each player favors different golf balls of equal quality more or less depending on their individual play style and preferences. Luckily, there are many golf balls available on eBay from a variety of sellers, along with golf clubs, tees, and even golf carts.

What Makes Pinnacle Golf Balls Unique?

While there are many golf ball brands to choose from, one popular choice is Pinnacle.

  • Pinnacle is a golf equipment company in Massachusetts that makes golf balls. Pinnacle prides itself on offering golf balls for inexpensive prices compared to other brands, and also designs its balls to achieve the maximum distance possible.
  • Pinnacle is a brand of Acushnet Company, founded by Philip E. Young in 1910. Because of its long history of over 100 years, this company tries to perfect the golf ball, especially in terms of material.
  • Acushnet specializes in latex and rubber, and since most golf balls consist of rubber and plastic, this company knows the right material composition to optimize performance.

Which Type of Golf Balls Do I Need?

Although most golf balls look almost identical, save for the color and design, they are actually quite different.

  • Many golf balls focus on a number of factors including distance, control, precision, and stopping power, which is the ability to bite into the green and not roll off.
  • If you are distance-focused and choose to perform high-energy swings that maximize ball flight, then finding a golf ball that maximizes distance, like the Pinnacle Rush, is optimal.
  • If you prefer more precise shots with low spin, then choose a ball that matches that style, like the Pinnacle Soft.

Which Types of Golf Balls Does Pinnacle Make?

Throughout its history, Pinnacle had multiple different lineups, with each lineup offering a different focus. The two main models are the Pinnacle Rush and the Pinnacle Soft.

  • Pinnacle designs the Pinnacle Rush with high-energy core technology. These balls are ideal for full swing shots and can travel at very fast speeds. They use an icosahedral dimple design for optimal flight and are available in both white and optic yellow.
  • Pinnacle engineers the Pinnacle Soft to maximize distance, but with a larger emphasis on control than the Pinnacle Rush. These balls have Pinnacle's lowest compression core ever, which delivers an extremely soft feel. This ball provides a consistent flight and is available in white, white with pink, and optic pink.

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