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Pirelli Car and Truck Tires

Pirelli car and truck tires are a consideration for many drivers. These tires are used in cars, motorcycles, and trucks, including sports cars, high-performance luxury vehicles, and sports coupes. The tires are available in three major categories, including all-season tires, summer tires, and the winter tires.

Which Pirelli tires are run flat?

Pirelli tires are available in brands including the Pirelli P Zero all season plus, Pirelli Scorpions, and the all-season Cinturato. The Pirelli P Zero brand includes the Run Flat, Nero, Corsa, and GT tires. The Scorpion brand comprises the Scorpion Zero, Verde all season plus, and STR tires.

In the event of a flat, either during a tour, racing, or everyday transit, the Pirelli company has hi-tech tires that embrace the Seal Inside and the Self-Supporting Run Flat technologies. These technologies offer you the ability to drive your car safely to a stop. The Seal Inside technology is used in any vehicle type depending on the tire size. With this technology, the vehicle keeps running after a puncture without losing air pressure. The Run Flat technology provides the stability that ensures control of your car in the event of a puncture.

What are Pirelli tires made of?

The Pirelli P Zero High offers a high-density nylon belt. They are also comprised of silica and carbon treads for even ground contact when cornering. These tires have special nanocomposites beneath their tread to protect the casing from deterioration. The internal structure is comprised of twin steel belts as well as a nylon and aramid cord integration. The tires have wide linear grooves and a Y-shaped pattern design. They also come with bead wires and fillers.

The Pirelli Scorpion Verde and All-Terrain tires feature self-cleaning patterned treads. The Scorpion Verde make consists of eco-compatible materials and has a silica tread compound. It also has four wide circumferential grooves. Some sizes of the Scorpion Verde tire come with the Pirelli Noise Cancelling System. The Noise Cancelling System means that a layer of sound-absorbing foam is placed inside the inner liner of the tire.

Do Pirelli tires last?

Pirelli tires last up to 50,000 miles or 6 to 10 years. The distance and age in years will depend on factors including whether or not the tire is inflated adequately during driving and the type of terrain you are driving on. With proper maintenance, you are sure of a prolonged tire life.

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