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Experience Deep Bass Effects While Blasting Music Through Pro Audio Subwoofers

Pro Audio subwoofers can produce bold bass effects throughout a space. If you want to hear rich audio pitches when bass guitar riffs are played on a track, a new or used subwoofer by this brand can transmit these effects in a dramatic way. You'll find large and small accessories by this brand on eBay for a stereo or a home theater system.

Sound technology options for these subwoofers

A subwoofer generates bass effects by moving electricity through circuits that are wired to hardware within an enclosure. The two main technology options are:

  • Passive technology - A passive product generates deep bass effects by using an external amplifier. Most passive speaker options are designed with one woofer or multiple woofers. Many variations are designed for music and movie fans; some options include a stereo amplifier that can power a home theater system's main speakers.
  • Active technology - Active speakers have a variety of hardware tools that give users the ability to change how music sounds. This is possible because an active subwoofer has crossover components, amplification tools, and EQ controls. All of this hardware is confidently compacted within an active product's cabinet, and everything activates after an active subwoofer is plugged into an AC power outlet.
What are general product features?

Many of the features that are included in eBay's selection of Pro Audio accessories provide sound and usage peaks. The most common features are:

  • Amplified components - Amplified sound is a higher level of sound. This means that amplified hardware can boost sound intensities so that listeners can hear the deepest notes very clearly.
  • Battery-powered hardware - A battery-powered product can produce bass effects without power lines. This unit is lightweight and can produce up to 400 watts of power, which is enough juice for rich bass effects.
  • Wireless functions - Wireless hardware is typically included with battery-powered subwoofers. Bluetooth is the featured technology that powers wireless Pro Audio subwoofers as it gives users the ability to transmit signals without using wires.
  • Portable elements - These products have a lightweight housing and a compact base. They also have battery-powered hardware and wireless functions.
What are the technical specs for the subwoofers?

After you wire a Pro Audio product to a stereo or home theater system, its audio hardware will enhance the listening experience. A Pro Audio speaker accomplish this by using:

  • 3-inch voice coils - These are traditional loudspeaker components. They have a wire that's connected to a coil. A sound reaction happens after the wiring interacts with a magnetic field.
  • Low pass frequency - As signals move through audio channels, low pass frequency hardware acts as a filter. This hardware manages signals so that they can be processed within a specific cutoff frequency.

For more technical specifications, see the manufacturer site for details.

What are the different speaker types?

Most speakers by this brand have a square base. On the front of a typical square enclosure, you'll find one giant subwoofer speaker. This brand also designs tall units with two speakers; however, these products are bundled with a microphone and are made for karaoke parties.

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