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How Photographers Can Use ProMaster Tripods

When you are shooting pictures with moving subjects or in low light, a tripod can help you get the shot you want. Both novice shutterbugs and experienced photographers may benefit from employing the increased height and stability afforded by tripods to capture their desired photos. ProMaster makes a variety of tripods of different materials and heights to suit the needs of different photographers.

When do you need to use a tripod?

Using a camera tripod offers several advantages over taking pictures by hand. The most obvious benefit is that you don't need to worry about your hand shaking or suddenly moving as you try to capture a shot. Especially if your camera is heavy, setting it down on a sturdy surface makes it less likely that your hand will tire and start to shake when you're shooting several pictures in a row. A tripod also allows you to use a slower shutter speed, as holding a camera still for several seconds is difficult with just your hands. Other features include:

  • The ability to photograph long exposures.
  • Facilitating clear photos even in low light.
  • Being able to use filters to get your photo to turn out as you envision it.
  • The ability to use time lapses.
  • Being able to shoot stars in the nighttime sky.
What is a ball head used for?

Ball heads and pan-and-tilt heads are attachments used to get a wider frame or a different angle. A ball head is the most common apparatus you will see. These are made from either plastic or metal. They increase your stability and allow faster and more accurate rotation to capture your photo. Ball heads let you rotate up to 360 degrees. They are generally lighter than pan-and-tilt heads.

How do you attach your camera to a tripod?

If you turn your camera over, you should see a small, threaded hole on the bottom. This is used to screw it onto the tripod's camera mounting plate. First, slide the plate off. Then, once the camera is screwed onto the plate, you can slide the plate back on. Depending on which model you have, there may also be clips or clamps to hold the camera securely.

Does ProMaster make travel tripods?

Along with heavier-weight tripods for various purposes, this company also offers travel tripods that are generally lightweight and collapse into a more compact package to make transporting them easier.

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