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Rocky Boots for Men

Rocky has been making outdoor and multipurpose footwear since the 1970s. Offering everything from hunting boots to work boots to military footwear, the company designs products that suit a variety of needs. Rocky boots for men come in options like the Ride Round Toe boots and the AlphaForce 2167 boots.

What are duty boots?

Duty boots encompass a large variety of boot styles. They are made for individuals looking for a performance or tactical boot that provides protection and functionality. Rocky duty boots are available in several styles for military use and are also available for everyday work wear.

What is GORE-TEX?

GORE-TEX is a porous membrane that is used in a variety of Rocky products to provide extra protection against water and other elements. GORE-TEX provides both insulation and breathability. It allows moisture to escape from the boot while keeping outside water from getting inside. GORE-TEX is used in a variety of Rocky boots due to its ability to provide insulation. Caring for your GORE-TEX footwear is as simple as rinsing off debris with warm water and wiping with a sponge.

What special features do Rocky work boots have?

Rocky work boots offer a variety of features to make your time on the job safer and more comfortable. Depending on the style of Rocky boot, there may be protection from electrical-hazards, protection against water, or GORE-TEX insulation. You can also find steel toes, composite toes, slip-resistance features, and cushioned insoles. Many Rocky work boots have wide toe boxes when working on your feet for long periods of time.

What should you look for in Rocky outdoor boots?

There are several styles of Rocky boots made specifically for hunting and outside activities. To ensure you choose the appropriate pair of boots for your activities, consider the following:

  • Insulation level: Many Rocky boot styles feature waterproof GORE-TEX insulation. Others feature various levels of Thinsulate.
  • Waterproofing ability: Rocky boots are constructed out of a variety of materials that protect against water, including treated leather and GORE-TEX.
  • Outsole type: Rocky makes boots with varying levels of traction for gripping the ground in a range of conditions. Many boots offer outsoles with deep lugs for extra traction.
  • Environmental concerns: If you’re planning an excursion in a snake-infested area, it may be prudent to look for boots that protect against snake bites.
  • Activity type: Rocky has designed several styles to include a wide toe box to accommodate for thick socks and potential foot swelling when hiking for long periods. For activities in cold environments, you may prefer a shoe that doesn’t have a steel toe.

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