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Communicate Through Your Walkie Talkie Hands-Free with this Bluetooth Headset

Walkie talkies are a fun and sometimes necessary way to keep in touch with those in aren't close enough to speak to without yelling but are in close enough physical proximity to not require a telephone. Now you can talk on yours without having to hold the device to your face with this walkie talkie headset, available on eBay for various affordable prices depending on the model.

How does this walkie talkie headset work?

This headset comes with a small, wireless adapter that plugs into your walkie talkie. This adapter is then connected via Bluetooth to both your earpiece headset and push-to-talk remote control. Once successfully paired, you will receive messages from the other end of your walkie talkie in your earpiece. To make a call to the other walkie talkie, simply press the push-to-talk remote and speak into the earpiece's microphone.

What comes with this walkie talkie headset?

A complete headset kit comes with an adjustable earpiece for wear on the right or left ear, as well as the following:

  • USB charging cable
  • Wireless walkie talkie adapter
  • Push-to-talk remote control with wrist strap
  • Operating manual
  • Ear bud adjustment pieces
Where do you use this type of headset?

This walkie talkie wireless headset is useful in situations where you need to inconspicuously communicate with others via walkie talkie. It could be used when security detail needs to speak to one another during events without alerting others. It is also useful for hunting when you need to speak to another person in your party without making much noise. This headset would be optimal if you were driving in a caravan and need to keep in close contact with others in that caravan. Since this device is compatible with most cell phones, tablets, and computers, it can be used for calls, meetings, or gaming. This could also allow you hands-free calling while driving.

What are some of the specifications of this headset?

All together, the kit weighs just 4.4 ounces, making it easy to carry along with you. It comes equipped with noise-isolation technology, allowing for crisp, clear sound. The earpiece has volume control right on it. It hooks over the back of the ear securely so you do not need to worry about it falling out. It has lights on the unit to indicate low battery, pairing status, and operating mode. The battery charges full in about 2 hours and gives you almost 6 hours of continuous talk time.

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