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Redding Reloading Powder Measures and Scales

Redding Reloading Equipment, based in Cortland, New York, has been in business since 1946, and all the company's products are made in America. Their reloading powder measures and scales, typically used for handgun and rifle shells, are designed for people who like to shoot, and they're especially important for target shooters. These measures and scales are used to get the proper amount of gunpowder for each shell because when shells are packed with a standard amount of powder, it's easier to hit the target accurately.

What are some features of a Redding reloading powder measure?

Each measure includes a canister, also known as a reservoir, for holding powder. These items, made of clear plastic, are calibrated so users know how much powder they hold. Each measure also includes a weight, made of metals like brass or aluminum that will not react with gunpowder. The weights, used to tamp the powder down, are important for applying even pressure to all the powder. Most powder measuring devices also include a metal stand that can be clamped to a table or workbench.

The measures are important tools for people who want to pack gunpowder shells accurately so they are all about the same weight. This helps the shooter to have better accuracy.

What are some features of Redding reloading powder scales?

A powder scale is a small, balance-style scale. Some include a hydraulic dampener, allowing users to obtain readings more quickly. Powder scales are made of metal. Their parts include a base, a beam and a tray on which the user places items to be weighed.

Redding reloading powder scales are used to weigh gunpowder or sometimes shells. For the most accurate target shooting, it's important to use standard bullets. No two can ever be truly identical, but these scales help shooters get as close as possible. They are calibrated in sections where each line represents 5 grains. This allows for precision in packing the powder.

What unit of measure do Redding measures and scales use?

Redding scales weigh shells and powder in a unit of measure called grains. The weight limit for scales can vary, but the capacity of many of them hovers around 325 grains. Measures, too, use grains to weigh the black powder. Accuracy is important when measuring the powder.