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Refrigerator Magnets

Refrigerator magnets display photos, invitations, and other important household to-do lists and paperwork. They also add a splash of color with decorative magnets or entertain and teach children with fun educational refrigerator magnets. Whether looking for fridge magnets DIY kits that include magnet glue and craft materials or a helpful way to keep track of the weekly schedule, there are magnetic products for every household.

What are some fridge magnets that help with organization?

Oftentimes, a fridge door is strewn with random decorative magnets, kids craft projects, or magnet take-out menus, but this space can instead help a household stay organized. Some refrigerator magnets are functional, helping families remember important dates and keeping track of where each family member is after work or school. Using DIY kits that include magnets, glue, and other materials, families can make customized versions of this type of refrigerator magnet including magnetic pens that stick to a fridge as well as the following items.

  • Calendar - Having either a monthly whiteboard erasable calendar magnet or a traditional paper planner attached to the refrigerator with magnets helps everyone in the family plan rides and schedule activities without overbooking.
  • Shopping list - This way, groceries can be added to the list any time by anyone in the household.
  • Key hooks - Using magnet hooks to keep track of keys, the garage door opener, or other things often lost saves time in those rushed mornings.
What are rare-earth neodymium magnets?

Rare-earth magnets have a higher attachment strength than any other type of magnet. The neodymium type is usually found as refrigerator magnets because they are more affordable than the samarium-cobalt rare-earth type. Neodymium magnets are usually silver in color and disk, cube, or ring-shaped, often smaller than a penny. These fridge magnets are strong enough to hold large photos or to use in heavy decorative refrigerator magnets.

What kind of magnets are good for children?

Refrigerator magnets can double as decorative magnets and great learning tools for children. There are also magnet DIY craft kits that allow kids to do projects with decorative magnets. Some of these products include:

  • Photo refrigerator magnets can be ordered custom or created with a photo frame magnet.
  • Magnetic letters and numbers are refrigerator magnets that help children learn how to spell and do basic arithmetic. These fridge magnets come in different scripts and styles.
  • Holiday fridge magnet kits include glue, magnets, and decorations relating to a particular holiday, so children can make personalized festive decorative magnets.
What are refrigerator poetry decorative magnets?

Fridge poetry kits generally consist of 300 words on magnets. These magnet sets include all parts of speech from nouns and verbs to prepositions and articles. Household members can arrange the word fridge magnets into phrases, sentences, or poems on the fridge. This is a great interactive household game because both kids and adults can casually rearrange or add to the project while waiting for the microwave or cooking dinner. There are also expander magnetic word sets with extra or themed words for more refrigerator fun. Along with pre-selected word sets, families can purchase DIY craft kits that provide glue, magnets, and labels to make custom word fridge magnets.