Rome SDS Snowboarding Equipment

Since its inception, the sport of snowboarding has constantly added and refined equipment to help enhance the experience of its fans. Rome has been producing snowboards and snowboarding equipment since 2001. Rome SDS S for snowboarding offers boots, bindings, boards, gloves, apparel, and bags.

What kinds of equipment does Rome sell?

Rome sells many kinds of snowboarding equipment. Some of their products include:

  • Snowboards: Rome snowboards can be found for men, women, and youth snowboarders.
  • Bindings: Bindings pop in and out to keep the board from slipping out from under the feet of the boarder. Rome bindings come in colors including black, orange, pink, blue, and white to name a few.
  • Boots Men, women, and youth boot sizes are offered by Rome.
What is the Rome Graft snowboard?

The Rome Graft snowboard is a freestyle Rome snowboard that is designed for freestyling. The Graft Rome snowboard is typically used for non-competitive snowboarding. It can be used for a variety of boarding methods, but Rome designed and intended it for this specialized style. Boarding is considered freestyling when boarders are not participating in an organized race but rather riding or practicing recreationally.

Does Rome sell snowboards for men and women?

Rome sells many kinds of snowboards, including different designs for both men and women. Aside from different aesthetic designs, the Rome snowboards for men and women have been engineered to fit the respective body types.

How do you choose the correct snowboard?

When choosing a snowboard, it is important to choose the right size, fit, and design for your needs.

  • Figure out what kind of snowboarding you will be doing. Will you be freestyling, or racing competitively? Choose a snowboard designed for that type of activity.
  • Find the correct sizing. This is important so that you can ensure that you will have the most efficient and safe snowboard for yourself. Are you a man or a woman? Small or large? Tall or short? These questions are important when finding the right size.
  • Choose the correct aesthetic design. Rome offers many designs, and choosing one that you love, and that expresses your personality, will make your experience more enjoyable.
  • Choose the correct Rome gear for your snowboard. Make sure you have all the necessary parts to be safe and secure. Bindings are needed to pop in and out of the snowboard, while boot laces and warm apparel will also work to complete the snowboarding experience.