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Sylvania Car and Truck Light Bulbs

Proper lighting is always important, especially when it comes to driving your car at night. Having a powerful pair of headlights, in addition to interior bulbs and off-roading lights, is important for safety and can enhance your cars aesthetics. Sylvania is a lighting manufacturer that offers a large variety of different types and styles of lights for all of your vehicle needs, including headlights, fog lights, interior and exterior lights, and light accessories.

What headlight models does Sylvania offer that focus on safety?
  • Basic: These Sylvania products utilize halogen bulbs, and they are designed to prolong the time between bulb replacements.
  • SilverStar: These Sylvania products give off a bright white color, which allows for increased visibility when driving at night. These bulbs also light up the side of the road, providing increased clarity; this makes them a good choice for those who drive in locations with a lot of animal crossings.
  • SilverStar Ultra: Offering the same features as the SilverStar model, these bulbs also offer Ultra Night Vision. This offers a light that is mostly equivalent to the light spectrum you see on a bright, sunny day.
  • XtraVision: Sylvanias XtraVision halogen bulbs provide a bright white light that is designed to reduce reflective glare during inclement weather.
What style and performance headlights does Sylvania have available?
  • zXe: These xenon bulbs produce a bright blue tint, making these lights a functional option for any car.
  • zXe GOLD: These bulbs offer an intense white color and a blueish tint for a distinct look.
  • FogVision: These bulbs provide a yellow glow that makes for a unique look in the evenings while also providing an effective solution to cut through fog in more adverse weather conditions.
  • ZEVO LED Fogs: The ZEVO LED fogs deliver a sharp and crisp white-colored light that goes well with other LED or HID products.
What other light options does Sylvania offer?
  • ZEVO Connect: ZEVO Connect allows you to customize your vehicle, as these headlights can change colors and can be controlled by an app on your phone. The LED colors on your vehicle can also be synced to your music selections to allow for total customization.
  • ZEVO LED: The ZEVO LED headlights produce an intense white color, giving your vehicle a custom look and good nighttime visibility.
  • Sylvania LED: The Sylvania LED Signature Lighting products work well for your off-roading vehicle. They offer a durable protective cover and a good peripheral range of light to watch for animals and other obstacles.
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