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Use Cell Phone Audio Adapters for Increased Audio and Recording Quality

Smartphones and cell phones are natively equipped with a speaker/headset and a microphone, yet sometimes you may want to increase the audio quality, especially when listening to your favorite tunes or recording audio for a project. While many phones are equipped with a 3.5 mm jack that can receive and transmit audio signals, other models have omitted this feature and need a separate accessory to output or record sound through the USB charger port.

What Types of Audio Adapters Are Compatible With Samsung Galaxy Phones?

  • Micro USB to 3.5 mm: USB can carry audio signals, and on phones, the micro version of the interface can provide a smaller form factor to aid in portability. This type of audio cable plugs into the micro USB port where the charger of the phone would normally be plugged in. This is ideal for those who have broken their 3.5 mm audio jacks and cannot have them repaired for some reason.
  • Proprietary to 3.5 mm: Many Samsung feature phones have proprietary connectors that act as both chargers and even data storage interfaces. These types of adapters connect to the proprietary port and may either split off into jacks specifically for microphone and headphones or combine both into one jack to support headphones with built-in microphones.
  • USB-C to 3.5 mm: USB Type C is another charger and data interface that is reversible and has a large theoretical bandwidth, thereby allowing USB C cables to achieve faster data transfer rates than previous standards. These adapters connect to the charger port or USB Type C port of a compatible phone and can transmit and receive audio signals to the devices connected on the other end for on-the-go listening.

What Cable Designs Are Available?

  • Hub: These designs have an enclosure at one end to house the ports for chargers, headphones, and microphones. Material used varies with some featuring rubberized material for better grip, while others incorporate durable but lightweight aluminum. The other end of the adapter has a micro connector for USB that plugs into a Galaxy phone's charger or data transfer port.
  • Splitter: Some designs split the 3.5 mm headphone jack so that there are dedicated jacks for microphones and headphones. This setup is better than those using the micro USB charger port of the phone because the former allows you to charge the device while using the adapter. You can also make use of better 3.5 mm microphones for superior audio recording quality compared to that of the built-in mic in your phone.
  • Plugs: Other Galaxy phone audio adapters simply convert a USB port into a hub by simply plugging the small device into the said port. These also have headphone and mic jacks and are also designed to be compact.

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