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Choosing Your Next Smartphone

Those who want to get the most out of their mobile phones will find many desirable features in newer Android models from Samsung and other GSM smartphones. AT&T and other network locked units like the Galaxy S7 are communication devices that offer productivity tools and more.

What Are Smartphone Features to Consider?

  • Internal Storage. Having a 32 GB to 64 GB of storage like that of Samsung Galaxy S7 gives you plenty of room for photos, videos, music, files, apps, and more.
  • External Storage. Having a 256 GB expandable memory just like Samsung Galaxy S7 more than doubles the storage capacity of your mobile phone. External storage is available at 8 GB minimum.
  • Fast Processor.Samsung Galaxy S7 and other Androids now have Octa-Core units. Quad-Core units are also available. Expect a smooth run with fast processors that have minimum of 1 GHz.
  • Internet Connectivity. Samsung Galaxy S7 and most phones provide internet connectivity via Wi-Fi and LTE data connectivity.

What Are More Smartphone Features to Consider?

  • Bluetooth Connectivity. Samsung Galaxy S7 and newer models feature Bluetooth. It lets you transmit and receive files with ease. Simply pair with a bluetooth capable device and share files in an instant.
  • Color options. Black and black onyx like that of Samsung Galaxy S7 are classic shades. Choose color as you prefer. Samsung and other brands offer different colors for both men and women to choose from.
  • Dual SIM. Like other dual SIM devices, Samsung Galaxy S7 Dual lets you use 2 network SIMS simultaneously. If you dont need a second network, use the slot for external microSD cards 16 GB or more.

How Do You Choose Your Next Smartphone?

  • Choose a screen size. Devices like the Samsung Galaxy S7 give 5.1 inches of screen display. Determine what size you are comfortable looking at.
  • Choose a screen display quality. Samsung Galaxy S7 and other brands offer AMOLED displays that give High Definition image quality. They activate pixels quickly and are ideal for large screen phones. Consider HD displays if you plan to get a large screen phone.
  • Choose a camera.Some want minimal features. Others who love taking photos and videos will find models like Samsung Galaxy S7 Black Onyx a pleasure to use.

What Are Good Smartphone Camera Features?

  • HDR. Communication devices like Samsung Galaxy S7 offer HDR (High Dynamic Range). They process photos in greater detail.
  • Autofocus. Samsung Galaxy S7 and other brands have autofocus cameras that make photography simpler and easier. Expect clear, defined shots with these types of cameras.
  • Zoom. The zoom feature in Samsung Galaxy S7 and other mobile phones lets you take a good quality photo of subjects even at faraway distances.

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