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Selecting and Managing Your SanDisk SmartMedia Camera Memory Cards

SmartMedia is a non-volatile storage format that can store many images, and cameras over the years have used it for that purpose. These SanDisk SmartMedia camera memory cards are compact, fit in the palm of your hand, and are easily swapped between digital cameras, personal computers, and many other types of consumer electronics.

What is SmartMedia?

SmartMedia is a format for memory cards that was developed by Toshiba for use in its computers, cameras, and other devices. It was made available for any company to support. Memory card manufacturers that did support it include Fuji, Olympus, and SanDisk. Per the standard, these memory cards generally weigh 1.8 grams and measure 45 by 37 by 0.76 millimeters. Other important aspects of the specification include:

  • They have memory capacities up to 128 MB
  • Data transfer rates up to 2MB/s
  • 1 million write cycles
  • 10-year storage time without power
  • PCMCIA and CompactFlash Type II compatibility
Can you transfer photos between cards and other mediums?

Yes. Some support this natively because they have integrated storage. Swap photos from your DSLR camera to a memory card, and then to a computer. You can also do the same with videos. Swap in a different card, recall the images, and copy them. Another option is to use your computer. If your PC doesnEUR(TM)t support SmartMedia cards natively, then you can add support via a:

  • Memory card reader that does
  • PCMCIA adapter
  • CompactFlash Type II adapter
  • FlashPath adapter for 3.5-inch floppy drives
Can you delete files and format cards?

Yes. Memory cards from SanDisk and other manufacturers come preformatted. Files can be stored and deleted millions of times. You can also reformat these memory cards for a fresh experience. These operations can be performed locally on any device that supports this format natively or via a reader.

Can you use SmartMedia in other devices?

Yes. These cards were never exclusive to cameras. In fact, when introduced, non-tape media for cameras was still rather novel, and Toshiba was seeking a more compact alternative to PCMCIA, which allowed network cards and other accessories to be added to otherwise non-upgradeable laptops. In addition to cameras, some of the consumer electronics that make use of it include:

  • PDAs
  • Digital audio players
  • Portable gaming devices
  • Desktop and laptop computers
What if a device doesnEUR(TM)t support this format natively?

If such a device is expandable, then you can add support via an adapter. There are very specific adapters available, such as the aforementioned PCMCIA adapter, which lets such cards fit into a PCMCIA slot. You can also opt for a memory card reader or hub that supports the format and can connect to your PC via USB or a similar connection type.

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