Screed Concrete Vibrators

Improve the Quality of Pouring Concrete with a Screed Vibrator

When concrete is poured into forms to make a horizontal surface, air bubbles and excess water may be trapped inside. Vibration is used to remove the bubbles and water to ensure a smooth, flat surface once the concrete dries. Screeds are a commonly used type of concrete vibrator.

When is a screed vibrator used instead of other types?

There are basically four categories of concrete vibrators with specific applications: Internal, Form, Surface, and Tables. Screeds are in the Surface category. They can smooth surfaces for depths of concrete up to twenty centimeters and are utilized for long, horizontal surfaces of concrete poured into forms, such as sidewalks and other types of pavement.

Because of their speed relative to other types, screed vibrators are the preferred type for larger job sites. For depths of concrete greater than twenty centimeters, screeds can be used in conjunction with internal vibrators to remove the deeper air bubbles.

What are the choices to consider for a screed vibrator?

Screed concrete vibrators are available on eBay at reasonable prices. Youll want a configuration that matches the needs of the jobs that you will be using it for. Some of the configuration choices to consider are:

  • Motor: Can be gas-powered or electric. Gas motors are available in different stroke and power ratings and can use different fuel mixtures. Electric motors have different power, voltage, current, and AC cycle ratings.
  • Kickstand: Allows a user to keep the shaft upright when not being held.
  • Shaft: Variable shafts be adjusted for user height and optimal lifting.
  • Handles: Can be adjusted for the comfort of the user.
What are considerations for purchasing screed blades?

The blade, also known as a bar, is the part of the screed vibrator that makes contact with the concrete surface, and as such it must be durable and lightweight, with aluminum and magnesium the most common fabrication materials. Screed vibrator blades are detachable and can also be purchased separately.

Larger blades cover more area in a shorter time, while smaller blades are easy to handle and can be used in tight areas. Be sure that the model of screed vibrator you buy accommodates the blade size you wish to utilize. This information can be found in the product specifications at the manufacturers site.