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Scunci Women's Hair Accessories

The Scunci, which is sometimes called a scrunchy, is a women's decorative elastic hairband. Specially designed for thick hair, it provides a good grip without damaging your hair. The Scunci uses only soft, no-slip elastic.

Who invented the first Scunci ponytail holder?

A woman named Rommy Revson is said to be the inventor and patent holder of the Scunci.

What are Scunci hair ties made out of?

Many people love to put their hair up out of their faces but are concerned about damage. Scunci hair ties are made of elastic and fabric and are soft so that they do not snag, pull, or break your hair. Even with a thick and wavy hair type worn while jogging, Scunci hair ties hold your hair in place.

Scunci women’s hair accessories can be used to secure thick hair by twisting it into a figure eight configuration and folding it over on itself. Scunci has a variety of clips and elastics to suit your hair style preferences from claw clips and jelly hair ties to soft classic elastics and hair clips for thick hair.

What are Scunci jelly hair ties?

Often, if your hair is thick, it falls out of every clip or elastic. Made of long lasting silicone, these ponytail ties are a convenient alternative to hair clips for thick hair and never stretch out or lose their shape. Elastic and comfortable to wear, they will grip your hair all day and keep your hair in place while you are playing sports or even while surfing. They work well for braids and long hair. Jelly hair ties are an excellent non-slip alternative for a thick mane. For containing hair that is thick and long and securing it in an up do or other style, avoid any metal clip or accessory.

How do you use Scunci hair clips?

Scunci hair clips are secure while being "no grip." Brush your hair to the desired height, gathering it at the back of your head and pulling it into a bun. Slip the clip vertically through the bottom of your bun, and pull it up so that it remains at the top. Finally, push the clip into the bun close to the scalp. When you remove the clip after wearing it, you are left without a crease. Scunci hair clips come in small and large sizes.

What are claw hair clips for thick hair?

The Scunci no-slip jaw claw hair clips are made for thick hair to style a bun or an up do. Designed with interlocking teeth to keep your hair in place, these hair clips can also be used to hold smaller sections of your hair while cutting, curling, or drying. Or, hold back your hair with a clip while you bend over the sink to wash your face. Claw clips come in various shades to complement your hair color.

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